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Our Spring Recipe Roundup

Springtime is in full bloom—which means that creameries across the country are producing new cheeses with the season’s flush of fresh milk. It also means that after months of winter, farmers’ markets are bursting with new seasonal bounty, from juicy strawberries to zesty greens to sweet beets. 

The season is also when we have some of the most fun with cheese in the kitchen all year round—playing with fresh flavor profiles and relishing spring’s new abundance. Here are some of our favorite cheese recipes to celebrate the season (You can also check out our guide to spring cheeses). We’re celebrating with a virtual spring wine and cheese tasting on April 25. Get your tickets here!

asparagus and mozzarella frittata

Spring Brunch Menu

Missing your favorite brunch spot? Recreate the experience with a few simple, make-ahead recipes to enjoy on a relaxing weekend morning. Our Simple Spring Frittata is studded with asparagus and cherry tomatoes and topped with bubbly, melty mozzarella. Serve it alongside thick slices of tender, airy Milk Bread, with simple yet delicious Fresh Berries and Whipped Goat Cheese with Honey for something sweet. 

asparagus soup recipe

Spring Lunch Menu

Treat yourself to a healthy work-from-home lunch with these quick, veggie-forward dishes. Our light yet creamy Asparagus Soup with Queso Invierno pairs Vermont Shepherd’s long-aged, mixed-milk wheel with spring’s star vegetable. Or layer thick, juicy slices of roasted spring beets with creamy chevre (we love this everything bagel spice-topped log from Miracle Springs Farm) and crisp greens with our Beet Steak Burger with Goat Cheese

spring dinner menu

Spring Dinner Menu

It’s finally grilling weather—and cheese is one of our absolute favorite things to grill. Halloumi, a brined cheese from Cyprus, is one of the few types that can withstand very high heat, which makes it an excellent candidate for searing and grilling. Instead of melting, halloumi gets savory and caramelized on the outside and a squeaky, meaty texture on the inside. And when it’s baked, high-protein ricotta gets a gorgeous, golden-brown crust. 

This menu shows how cooking with cheeses like these can really make them shine. Whip up a batch of our Golden Baked Ricotta with Spring Vegetables as a starter, with our Halloumi, Lentil, and Spinach Salad as the main course for a meatless meal. Or prepare it as part of our Roast Chicken with Halloumi and Spring Vegetables for a more substantial springtime feast. 

Looking for a bright, springy dessert to finish the meal? Try our Mascarpone Rhubarb Custard!

homemade paneer recipe

Spring Cheesemaking Recipe

Looking for a new kitchen DIY project? Look no further than our lightning-quick Paneer recipe! This quick, fresh cheese is the perfect introduction to cheesemaking for the curious home cook, and its fresh, lactic flavors are perfect for spring. Grill or sear the finished cheese and toss squeaky, crisp-crusted chunks in your favorite salad, use your paneer as the protein in a saucy, spicy curry, or simply sprinkle on some flaky sea salt and serve as an appetizer or snack with bright, tangy preserves or fresh fruit. Save the whey to make yourself a refreshing glass of Wheymonade to sip alongside (with or without rum). 

best cheeses to grill

Our Cheese Shop Picks for Grilling

Want to support American artisans while having fun at your grill this season?  Here's a few of our recommendations for cheeses that will sear up nicely, and pair perfectly with grilled asparagus, stone fruit, and other veggies.

Dirt Lover from Green Dirt Farm: This ash-ripened sheep cheese is a great format to cut in half and throw on the grill.  

Spruce Reserve from Firefly Farms: This spruce-barked wrapped goat cheese can be grilled whole on both sides, softening the inner texture and making it prime for dipping.

Sharon Creek Brie from My Artisano: A crowd-pleasing small wheel of cow milk brie that will get even more buttery with a nice grill on both sides.

Let us know your favorite ways to use cheese in your springtime cooking!

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