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Private Virtual Cheese and Wine Tasting Kit

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Contact Us to Confirm the Date, Exact Group Size (5 to 500+ people), Cheese & Charcuterie Options, and Time for Your Event

Each event is unique, and we are happy to accommodate you.

Looking for a quality virtual experience for your friends, family, or co-workers? 

We offer virtual cheese tastings with the option to add wine!  We find that the sensory experience of enjoying cheese collectively over Zoom helps to "break the Zoom barrier" during this exceptional year we've been experiencing.

In addition, you'll be supporting artisan cheese & wine makers all over the country!  

These are standard cheese tasting offerings for your reference that come complete with:

  • Digital Tasting and Pairing Literature (includes tips for building your cheese board)
  • Printable Tasting Workbook
  • Tasting Guided by a Cheese Expert
  • Private Zoom Link
  • Shipping Included

To Add Wine or Other Pairings to Your Order, Please Reach Out

Adding one, two, or three bottles of wine to your tasting brings the cheese experience to a whole new level.  We are proud to partner with quality wine vendors such as Suhru Wines and Wine Ambassador.  Please account for an additional price per person ranging from $55 to $75 a person.

If you'd like something customized to your budget, group size, and availability, please reach out at to schedule a time to chat details and explore options.

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