Private Virtual Italian Cheese Making Class

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Looking for a quality virtual experience for your friends, family, or co-workers? 

We offer virtual cheesemaking classes!  We find that the sensory experience of making cheese collectively over Zoom helps to "break the Zoom barrier" during this exceptional year we've been experiencing.

We will customize your private cheesemaking class to focus on the cheese (or cheeses) of your choosing. Different cheeses require different event lengths and they range from beginner to intermediate level, so let's discuss! Email us today!

Make some of the richest and creamiest cheeses you’ll ever taste. Capture the simplicity and delicacy of fresh cheese by making it the way it’s supposed to be done. At home in a kitchen no bigger than your own.

Includes equipment and ingredients to make mozzarella, burrata, ricotta and mascarpone. All you need is milk and heavy cream.

All the ingredients in the kit are good for at least 18 months.  Makes 8 batches of cheese.

Product Details

  • Cheesemaking kit includes: Cheese Basket, Cheese Thermometer, Cheese Cloth, Vegetable Rennet, Citric Acid, Cheese Salt, and Instructions
  • Instructions and Recipes for Cooking with the Cheeses
  • Private Zoom Link
  • Shipping Included

To Customize Your Order, Please Reach Out

If you'd like something customized to your budget, group size, and availability, please reach out at to schedule a time to chat details and explore options.

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