Press for the Cheese Grotto


" Sennett's Cheese Grotto solves a problem every cheese lover faces: 'How can I prolong and/or maintain my cheeses at their optimal stages of ripeness? Cheeses are best preserved in their own microcosms with appropriate temperature, humidity, air flow, and microflora, and on permeable and easy-to-clean surfaces... Cheese Grotto provides all this in an attractive and portable package!"

- Max McCalman, World Renowned Cheese Expert



"There’s nothing quite like Sennett’s device on the market today, so dairy aficionados take note: The Cheese Grotto gives you back your control as a guardian of Gouda, an aspiring Swiss savant."

- Abby Carney, Edible Brooklyn


Dinner Party Download


"While some people may just wrap it up in plastic and throw it in the fridge, that’s actually what you shouldn’t do, as Brendan recently learned. That’s where Jessica Sennett comes in."

- Brendan Newnam, Dinner Party Download (an NPR podcast)


Murray's logo


"The Cheese Grotto is one of the coolest things that we have seen on Kickstarter in a long time. We often encounter the difficulties proper cheese storage at home, and the Grotto hopes to help us cheese lovers keep our curd in the best possible condition."

- Blog, Murray's Cheese


Cheese Primer


"This century-old device is the right and only way to keep and store cheese."

- Stephen Jenkins, author of The Cheese Primer


Saxelby Cheesemongers


"If you're a cheese dork like us, you're perpetually bummed out that the cheese in your fridge is not stored in its most optimal, cave-like conditions. Enter the Cheese Grotto!"

- Saxelby Cheesemongers


Culture: The word on cheese


"The Cheese Grotto is a revolutionary new product that's ready to bring the art of affinage and cheese preservation right to your home refridgerator!"

- Culture: the word on cheese 


Saveur magazine logo


"It’s a tricky task—keeping fancy cheeses fresh at home. As with wine, cheese has a specific preferred temperature, humidity, and exposure to air—preferences that home fridges don't accommodate. While plastic containers and wax paper have traditionally been used as passable makeshifts, longtime cheesemonger Jessica Sennett, who has spent time behind the counters of Cowgirl Creamery and Bedford Cheese Shop, wanted a more permanent solution."

- Dan Q. Dao, Saveur


NY Times logo


"Storing fine cheeses properly at home has long been a challenge. You can invest in special double-ply wrapping paper, but the temperature and humidity of a refrigerator do not flatter them. Working with an engineer and an industrial designer, Jessica Sennett, who has been behind the counters at Cowgirl Creamery and Bedford Cheese Shop, has developed a solution."

- Florence Fabricant, The New York Times



"For the gourmand who already owns a green egg, the latest pour-over coffee contraption, drawers jammed with gadgets, and a pantry full of every spice, salt, pickling brine, and flavoring imaginable, what could you possibly add to their foodie arsenal? How about a countertop cheese grotto to keep their Délice de Bourgogne fresh far longer than the fridge’s produce drawer [...] Here, 15 gifts sure to impress even the pickiest of recipients." 

- Virginia van Zanten,



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