Carr Valley Cheese | Glacier Penta Crème Blue

Carr Valley Cheese | Glacier Penta Crème Blue

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Think Wisconsin Gorgonzola Dolce.  Made from cow’s milk with the addition of a substantial amount of cream, Glacier Penta Crème has a creamy, smooth texture that is firmer than its Italian counterpart, lending it as a wonderful specialty substitute for crumbling over salads, or making an elevated blue cheese sauce. This three-time award winner from Carr Valley is a revolutionary five-crème blue pioneered by Master Cheesemaker Sid Cook at their new cheese factory, Glacier Point.  It is earthy, rich, and incredibly lactic.

Located in the rolling hills of central Wisconsin, Carr Valley Cheese remains one of Wisconsin's most traditional cheese plants, famous for its Wisconsin cheddar varieties, as well as a host of more modern cheeses. Now owned and operated by Sid Cook, Carr Valley was founded in 1902, but the Cook family has been making cheese since 1883.  

  • Glacier Penta Crème Blue - Pair this with truffle honey, milk chocolate, cured ham, green olives, and grapes.

Milk: Pasteurized Cow Milk
Rennet: Microbial Rennet (Vegetarian)
Age: 4+ months

This cheese fits well in any Grotto model.

We'll include digital literature on the best way to store and serve Glacier Penta Crème.

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Carr Valley Cheese


La Valle, Wisconsin


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