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An award-winning, American artisan favorite, Reading is aged approximately three months, and is washed with a brine solution during its aging process.  The result is a unique creamy texture balanced by nutty, grassy undertones found closer to the rind (the rind tastes like peanuts!). This versatile semi-soft cheese ideally suited to melting, but it exhibits a subtle yet complex flavor profile that allows it to stand alone on any cheese plate.

Spring Brook Farm is a traditional dairy farm located in Reading, Vermont. Their mission is to build and support a community that embraces the land, from the unique microbial environment to the cows that provide the highest quality milk for cheese production. All the cheeses produced by Spring Brook Farm are raw, unpasteurized.

They work in partnership with Farms for City Kids Foundation, a unique educational program combining classroom studies with firsthand farming experience for students living in urban areas.

  • Reading Raclette - Pair Reading with fresh or roasted pears, dark chocolate, or prosciutto.

Milk: Raw Jersey Cow Milk
Rennet: Animal Rennet
Age: 3 to 4 months

This cheese fits well in any Grotto model.

We'll include digital literature on the best way to store and serve Reading Raclette.

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Spring Brook Farm


Reading, Vermont


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