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Zoom Cheese Grotto Cheese Grotto Piatto
Zoom Cheese Grotto Cheese Grotto Piatto
Zoom Cheese Grotto Cheese Grotto Piatto
Zoom Cheese Grotto Cheese Grotto Piatto
Zoom Cheese Grotto Cheese Grotto Piatto
Zoom Cheese Grotto Cheese Grotto Piatto
Zoom Cheese Grotto Cheese Grotto Piatto
Zoom Cheese Grotto Cheese Grotto Piatto
Zoom Cheese Grotto Cheese Grotto Piatto
Zoom Cheese Grotto Cheese Grotto Piatto
Zoom Cheese Grotto Cheese Grotto Piatto
Zoom Cheese Grotto Cheese Grotto Piatto

Cheese Grotto Piatto



The perfect introductory model for cheese lovers with more modest cheese purchasing habits and not a lot of space. Whether it’s a gift, or for serving before or after a dinner at home, the Grotto Piatto is the ideal cheese storage solution for compact living.  

Simple magnetic assembly of the Grotto makes it easy to store on the kitchen counter (under 70 degrees F) or in the fridge. Store the Grotto Piatto flat in a cupboard when not in use!

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Shelving Material

Cheese Grotto Piatto


Long Description

• Smaller footprint than the Cheese Grotto Classico, Cheese Grotto Fresco, and Cheese Grotto Mezzo
• UV Finished Birch frame material
• Choice between Bamboo Serving Shelf or Black Resin Board with Chalk
• 1 handcrafted clay brick for humidity control
• Holds up to 1 pound of cheese, 2 to 3 different pieces
• The powerful pre-installed magnets in each panel make it easy to assemble and disassemble when not in use
• Bamboo and birch do not warp
• Finished birch is stain resistant
• Genuine leather tab with copper mount
• Plexi-glass paneling for easy viewing
• Sliding door is easy to open and close in the refrigerator
• Breathable back panel
• Made in the USA (New York)
• Handwash only, but the Black Resin Board is dishwasher safe

We designed the Cheese Grotto Piatto as a flatpack solution for your every day cheese storage needs. Just because you have a small kitchen doesn't mean you don't also deserve the best way to store cheese, cheese expert approved.

The bonus is the the Piatto can be easily assembled and disassembled to be stored flat when not in use. The pre-installed magnetic panels only require you to align each side of the Grotto properly for them to automatically lock into place. No additional tooling involved!

Birchwood has been traditionally used in cheese preservation for hundreds of years. Its bark has been wrapped as a belt around soft cheeses for even ripening and added woodsy flavor, and has been made into barrels for the aging of Greek Feta. It’s also been used during the smoking of Idiazabal cheese. Most importantly, birch has been used as shelves for aging in caves. Its tight surface is slower to absorb and release moisture, making it excellent for long-term storage. The finished birch featured in this model is sustainably made, and non-toxic. The finish on the birch makes it mold and stain resistant, both in the interior and exterior.

The architecturally handsome bamboo is extremely resilient, sustainable, and durable over a lifetime (3 X stronger than oak).

The Grotto Piatto is a one-shelf size that fits up to 1 pound of cheese of varying sizes and styles. With a base of 6 inches by 6.5 inches and a height of 6 inches, the Grotto Piatto is an ideal storage solution for serving and storing cheeses throughout the week. The back panel is breathable, making for a perfect climate for simple, long-term storage of wedges and wheels of cheese in the refrigerator or short term storage on the kitchen counter.

For more advanced models for the connoisseur, check out the Grotto Classico, Grotto Fresco, and Grotto Mezzo.

Shipping Info

Each Grotto is handcrafted in the USA. We take pride in the detail and quality of our products. Please select the desired ship date for your Grotto. Grottos are shipped via FedEx, UPS, and USPS and shipping times are typically 5-7 business days after the ship date.


• 6.5 inches deep, 6 inches wide, 6 inches tall
2 pounds
• Materials designed for durability
• Powerful pre-installed magnets in each panel
No tooling, just align the panels correctly and start using it

Use & Care

• For long term storage of cheese, it is recommended to keep the Cheese Grotto at refrigeration temperatures (34ºF to 39º F, preferably 39ºF). For 7 to 10 days, you can store cheese in the Grotto under 70ºF, like the French do.
• Hand wash bamboo shelf with extremely hot water and a splash of distilled white vinegar.
• Allow the Grotto shelves to air dry between uses
• For maintenance of the bamboo shelf, a monthly application of mineral oil is recommended


Wood has the potential to harbor bacteria and pathogens if not cleaned properly and regularly.

Though Cheese Grotto’s Jessica Sennett is an expert at bringing out cheese’s best flavors, she is not an expert in food safety and she does not offer any opinion about food safety. New York Department of Health regulations requires restaurants to store cheese at a temperature below 45 degrees F, except for up to two hours during preparation for food service. Nothing in Cheese Grotto’s materials, including statements regarding the shelf life of cheese, is intended to (and the materials should not be interpreted to) conflict with food safety regulations and recommendations.

Downloadable Gift Card

Grotto won't make it in time?

Don't worry! Our downloadable Grotto gift card is perfect for printing and placing under tree, or sending via email. We're sure the Grotto is worth the wait!



The Cheese Grotto is fantastic - it keeps my blocks of cheese fresher for longer periods of time, unwrapped in all their glory.

- CK, Cheese Grotto Classico Owner

It really does extend the life of cheese over time. Aside from the functionality, the Cheese Grotto looks great and is easy to maintain.

-Allan, Cheese Grotto Fresco Owner

The Cheese Grotto is a must have for anyone who loves cheese. Looks stunning and keeps all of your cheeses in perfect condition.

- Michael, Cheese Grotto Mezzo Owner

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Love it!

Great addition to my kitchen; the cheese is always ready with good texture and taste.

Carolyn Correira
Wonderful Gift

I received this as part of my Valentine's Giveaway with Cheese Grotto and have loved using it and looks great in my refrigerator. As soon as I received it, which was so easy and fun to put together, I went out to get some new cheese. Just love it and definitely has made my Valentine's Day and continues to make my day with cheese and sausage I won and of course a glass of wine. 😉 Thank you also for my cheese and cacao chocolate which was an added bonus.🥰 Highly recommend and such a wonderful and amazing product.

Classic Reminder

The Piazzo sits on a cabinet in my studio apartment and it has one job: keep my Parmesan cheese at the proper temperature. I like to buy a good sized piece, allowing it to mature over a month or three. I received my Piazzo just before en extended season of traveling. Three months in and the Parmesan is in great shape. My favorite dinner guest has noted improvements in taste every few weeks. And because it looks so good sitting there in the open, I see it and am happy; and it also means I use Parmesan more often than I had when it was hidden away in the refrigerator. Also, keeping it at the right temperature prevents clumping caused by condensation. The humidity brick also keeps it at a moisture level is healthier for the cheese and me. It looks good, keeps cheese better -- what's not to love?

This cheese grotto is amazing.

This cheese grotto is amazing. I gave it to my son as a birthday gift. We both love this beautiful addition to our cheese resources. This is a great addition to our cheese routines. Beautiful as well as useful.

Sherry E

Made an excellent Christmas gift for my son. He was sincerely pleased.

Good Subscription Agency


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