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Grotto Partners

Made in America

We're proud to manufacture our Grottos and wooden accessories in the United States. Our small production runs ensure quality craftsmanship and handmade detail. Each Grotto is an heirloom, lifetime piece for your kitchen.

LeNoble Lumber

Our trusty lumber and cutting partner, LeNoble Lumber, sources and cuts our birch panels so they are ready for assembly. LeNoble has been serving the NY Metropolitan area for 55 years, and counting.

Long Island City, NY

Woodworking of Oak Hill

All Grotto parts are sanded, finished, and assembled by Donovan Hulbert and friends. Woodworking of Oak Hill has been working closely with Cheese Grotto for nearly 6 years.

East Durham, NY

Kiln Room, LLC

The custom designed humidifying brick that keeps your cheese fresh in the Grotto is made by Kiln Room, LLC. Founded in 2019 by artist Eric Rausch, Kiln Room started as a production pottery with an emphasis on building community.

Columbus, Ohio

Coarc Manufacturing

Once the Grottos are finished and assembled, they are delivered to Coarc for packaging and fulfillment. Coarc Manufacturing is also a Not-For-Profit organization – a subsidiary of Coarc – with a mission to provide jobs, training, and life assistance for people with disabilites. This is where the Grottos are stored before being shipped to you!

Mellenville, NY

Cheese Partners

American Artisan Cheeses

Our cheese subscriptions and gift boxes highlight the best of the American artisan cheese industry. We work with dozens of makers in our online cheese shop, below are some of the fantastic brands.

Euro USA

The fine folks at Euro USA store, package, and fulfill our cheese orders so we can focus on curating the best selection of American artisan cheeses and pairings.

Cleveland, Ohio

Mackenzie Creamery

Our ode to seasonally made goat milk cheese and the start of spring, Cheese Grotto collaborated with Mackenzie Creamery to create Chevre'nly Rose. Sourcing the finest dried Damascus rose petal leaves from Diaspora Spice Co, each puck is hand-shaped and rolled.

Hiram, Ohio

Redhead Creamery

Alise Sjostrom, founder of Redhead Creamery, collaborated with Cheese Grotto on an exclusive version of their Little Lucy Brie, called Herbes de Lucy. In 2023, it was featured in the NY Times Front Burner article.

Brooten, MN

Prairie Fruits Farm

Cheese Grotto collaborated with Prairie Fruits Farm on the most unique, limited run Valentine's Day cheese imaginable. Called "Passion Fruits", fresh cow milk curd is shaped around a dried fig in a teardrop shape, ripened in a cave until a rind blooms, and then dusted with raspberry powder.

Champagne, Il

Tulip Tree Creamery

Tulip Tree Creamery produced a limited-release of White Oak cheese— exclusively for us!—featuring a Kentucky whiskey, Fortune's Fool, which is one of the only female-owned whiskey brands in the United States. The curds are washed in the wiskey before being pressed into a form and placed into a cheese cave to develop a natural rind.

Indianapolis, IN

Meadow Creek Dairy

Seasonal grazers and mountain pastures have been a key component of Alpine cheesemaking for centuries. Set high in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, Meadow Creek Dairy has the same mix of high, rolling land and temperate climates. With a little time and a lot of management, their mountains have become a haven for sturdy, diverse perennial pastures. Meadow Creek Dairy's cheeses are critically-acclaimed, winning Best in Show at the ACS as well as a Bronze Medal at the World Cheese Awards.

Galax, Virginia

Carr Valley Cheese

Owned and operated by the Cook family, Carr Valley Cheese Company is over one-hundred years old. Nestled amongst the rolling hills and lush pastures of central Wisconsin, they remain one of Wisconsin's traditional cheese plants, famous for making cheese the old-fashioned way!

La Valle, WI

Sequatchie Cove Creamery

For more than a decade, Nathan and Padgett Arnold have been making raw-milk, farmstead cheeses at Sequatchie Cove Creamery in Sequatchie, Tennessee. The creamery is 100% solar-powered and has a spotlight on sustainability—the Arnolds feed their whey to woodlot pigs to avoid waste. Sequatchie Cove Creamery’s products are inspired by cheeses from the Savoie region of France, with the unique characteristics of the local Southern terroir.

Sequatchie, TN

Goat Rodeo Farm & Dairy

Goat Rodeo Farm & Dairy is a 130 acre family owned farm located near Pittsburgh, PA. The farm has a herd of more than 100 Alpine and Nubian dairy goats and make a variety of fresh and aged goat cheeses using traditional techniques for artisan cheese production.

Allison Park, PA

Deer Creek Cheese

Deer Creek, a Wisconsin dairy, produces cheeses which are rich in character. The collection of handmade artisan cheeses are known for their whimsical labels, their unique stories, and above all, their award-winning flavor.

Sheboygan, WI

Uplands Cheese

Uplands Cheese Company makes some of the most beautiful American cheeses to date. Based in Dodgeville, Wisconsin, their impressively small team goes through amazing feats of milking their cows seasonally and perfecting two cheeses, Pleasant Ridge Reserve and seasonal Rush Creek Reserve, only available on our site from late Fall through early Winter.

Dodgeville, WI

Grey Barn & Farm

Grey Barn & Farm is a small, diversified New England family farm located on Martha's Vineyard. Their cheeses are certified organic and critically acclaimed. Founded in 2009 by Eric and Molly Glasgow, Grey Barn is one of the few entirely grassed-based dairies in the country, meaning the cows rely on nutrition provided by the pasture in the summer and dry hay in the winter. Their cows are a blend of hardy Dutch Belted and Normande genetics, providing superior milk for cheesemaking.

Photo by Molly Glasgow

Martha's Vineyard, MA

Roth Cheese

The Roth cheesemakers and crew take pride in the product they put out into the world, only providing you with the best cheeses from Wisconsin. They have more than 200 awards to prove it, including World Champion at the 2016 World Championship Cheese Contest for our Grand Cru® Surchoix.

Monroe, WI

Blakesville Creamery

The goals at Blakesville Dairy Farm and Blakesville Creamery are to humanely raise healthy goats using sustainable farming practices and to produce the highest quality of handmade artisan cheeses.

Port Washington, WI

Goot Essa

Goot Essa began in 2001 as a six-family cooperative. Their goal has always been to use our cheesemaking expertise to ensure every generation has the means to stay on the farm.

Howard, PA
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