No Churn Rhubarb Orange Mascarpone Custard, or Ice Cream

This recipe happened somewhat accidentally, due to the fact that after recipe testing for the Spring Edition of the Cheese in the City Supper, I had copious amounts of fluffy housemade mascarpone custard in my fridge. Sitting right next to this heavenly vanilla bean cloud was a large container of stewed rhubarb and orange zest. I was at high risk of devouring all of the contents in my fridge in one sitting. There was only one solution to this predicament: Fold the stewed rhubarb into the custard, pack it all away in quart containers, and store it in the freezer.  This solution worked for a day, until I tasted the frozen custard and then wanted it for breakfast.



Jessica Sennett is the founder and inventor of Cheese Grotto. Her whole life is cheese - seriously.

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