Summer Cheese Recipes to Beat the Heat

We’re in the dog days of summer, when farmers’ markets are bursting with goodies, but the sweltering weather has us looking for recipes with little to no stovetop time. While grilling cheese is great and the trusty cheeseboard never fails, there are plenty of delicious, cheesy treats you can make without warming up your kitchen. Here are some of our favorite recipes to make in the heat of summer. 


Summer Breakfast (or Dessert) Recipes

Looking for something sweet you can whip up (literally) one day and eat for breakfast the next? Try our Berry Mascarpone Trifle, rich, airy whipped mascarpone and cream layered with summer’s best berries (or just about any other quality fruit you can get your hands on). This version skips the cake to better spotlight the peak-season flavor of the berries with just a touch of sugar, making for a gluten-free, light yet indulgent dessert that’s even better the following morning. 


Summer Lunch Recipes

It’s not summer without a drippy BLT made with perfect slabs of ripe tomato, but we like to tweak this iconic sandwich a little bit. Try our BLT with Pimento Cheese and Pickled Jalapenos—made with homemade pimento cheese, recipe included—for a Southern twist on a classic.

For something a little lighter that requires absolutely no cooking whatsoever, grab your favorite fresh goat cheese and swing by your favorite local fish counter for a silky fillet of sushi-grade salmon. This unlikely yet delicious combination of ingredients—accented by crisp cucumber, juicy mango, and rich avocado—makes our Hawaiian Californian Salmon Poke Rice Bowl really sing.


Summer Dinner Recipes

Okay, so our Pan-Fried Paneer and Green Beans does make quick use of the stove, but we promise this protein-rich vegetarian meal is worth it: cubes of paneer (store-bought or homemade) and sweet, crisp green beans get a little char from a hot cast-iron and a topping of zingy, herbaceous gremolata. Serve it as an entree or as a side with a cut of something meaty from the grill. Need something quick, light, and hydrating instead? Enjoy a bright, cooling bowl of Tomato-Watermelon Gazpacho and a thick slab of milk bread spread with Simple, Easy Herb Butter


Summer Popsicle Recipes

We don’t really think of cheese as a frozen dessert—but creamy, tangy cultured dairy is the perfect partner to chill with sweet, seasonal fruits. Our Berry Beet Goat Cheese Popsicles combine a well-loved pairing usually seen on salads—beets, fresh chevre, and balsamic vinegar—with mixed berries, sweetened with just a dollop of honey for a complex yet cooling pop. 

With its rich texture, creme fraiche is another natural to blend with your favorite fruits for ice pops. Try our bright, sweet-tart Cherry Lime Popsicles with Creme Fraiche, which get finished with a dredge in graham cracker crumbs for added crunch after freezing. Peaches in season? Our Peaches and Creme Fraiche Pops feature summer’s crowning fruit with just a touch of real vanilla bean. 

What are your favorite ways to cook with cheese in the summertime? Let us know!

Alexandra Jones is a writer, cheesemonger, and food educator who has been working with farmers and artisans in Pennsylvania for the past eight years. She has written for publications like Food & Wine, USA Today, The Counter, Civil Eats, Thrillist, and the Philadelphia Inquirer and is one-third of the team behind Collective Creamery, a women-powered artisan cheese subscription based in southeast Pennsylvania. Alexandra leads cheese tastings and teaches cheesemaking classes in and around Philadelphia, and we are honored to have her on our team.

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