8 Reasons to Sign Up for Our Artisan Cheese Subscription Box


  1. Discover American artisan cheese each month
  2. Choose the size of your subscription
  3. Customize the monthly selection to your preferences
  4. Each shipment is a fun surprise
  5. Include monthly cheese accompaniments and crackers
  6. Adjust your delivery schedule any time
  7. Pairing and recipe ideas included with every shipment
  8. We're your own personal cheesemonger

Cheese Grotto’s new cheese subscription program is now accepting subscribers! Each monthly box features American artisan cheese, gourmet crackers, and an accompaniment like charcuterie. It’s basically a cheese board in a box, delivered to your door each month.

We know there are lots of cheese-of-the-month clubs, cheese gift baskets, and wine and cheese subscriptions to choose from. That’s why we’ve designed our program with your needs in mind. It’s fun, flexible, educational, convenient, and most of all, delicious! 

Here’s why our cheese subscription is the perfect way to live your best cheese life. 

Each cheese of the month delivery features American artisan cheese for you to discover. 


Before launching Cheese Grotto, founder Jessica Sennett worked as a cheesemonger and cheesemaker in the U.S. and France. Along the way, she built a network of small-scale dairies making cheese using traditional methods and sustainable agricultural practices. 

That network became the basis for our online cheese shop—and we just added several new producers who make great cheese in a ton of different varieties. Selections may include cheeses like creamy goat’s milk Brie, nutty Alpine wheels, savory clothbound cheddars, pungent blues, and pillowy washed rinds, all sourced with intention and care by our team.

The subscription comes in different sizes to fit your household’s needs. 


We know that people eat cheese differently. Some like to nibble on a single wedge till it’s gone, while others are all about weekly cheese board dinners. Some folks live alone, while others have a house full of people to feed.

We offer three different sized cheese subscription packages with accompaniments so you’ll always have the perfect amount of cheese for your household:

  • The Solo: One cheese (6-8 ounces) plus crackers and one rotating accompaniment.
  • The Duo: Two cheeses (1 pound total) plus crackers and two rotating accompaniments.
  • The Trio: Three cheeses (1.5 pounds total) plus crackers and three rotating accompaniments.

And, of course, each package is sized to fit perfectly in your Cheese Grotto! Stored properly inside a refrigerated Grotto, your wedges can last for weeks. 

Looking for a subscription without pairings or crackers? For the cheese purists out there, we also have Monthly and Quarterly Cheese Subscription Programs without pairings.

We'll customize each delivery according to your preferences. 

With our cheese subscription, we want to offer a wide selection of exciting artisan cheeses. But we know that cheese can be a polarizing food—and not every cheese is for everyone. 

That’s why we kick off your membership with a brief survey about the kinds of cheeses you love (and the kinds you might like to avoid). Not a blue cheese person? That’s okay! Can’t handle cow’s milk? We’ve got it covered! Looking for hard, long-aged varieties with little to no lactose? No problem!

This customization extends to the crackers and accompaniments that come with each box, too. We’re happy to accommodate dietary restrictions—just let us know if you’d prefer a vegetarian, gluten-free, or nut-free subscription.

Each monthly cheese shipment is a surprise. 

unboxing of the cheese subscription

Once you submit your personal preferences, we use them as a guide to choose new cheeses you’ll love. We keep track of the wedges you’ve already received, so you’ll always be surprised with a tasty new variety. We also have a deep roster of pairing items to match each cheese, ranging from sweet chocolate to savory charcuterie to crisp, puckery pickles. 

Joining our cheese subscription is like buying your future self a gift that keeps on giving every month! And who doesn’t like getting a package of something delicious in the mail?

Our cheese subscription box includes gourmet crackers and a curated pairing each month. 


Cheese pairing is a delicious journey, and half the fun is trying new accompaniments to see how the flavors play with your favorite wheels. In addition to a rotating selection of gourmet crackers, each cheese you’ll receive comes with a perfectly curated pairing for you to try. 

We set out to source the best small-batch accoutrements from regional makers around the U.S. using seasonal ingredients, traditional recipes, and sustainable practices. Here’s a taste of what you’ll get in your subscription box each month. 


Bright and sweet or rich and mellow, fruit preserves like jam, jelly, and conserve are one of cheese’s best friends. We’re sourcing complementary jams featuring fruits traditional (strawberry, fig) and unique (lemon saffron, olallieberry, persimmon). Check out the full list of producers here


Glorious golden honey can bring out the sweetness in some cheeses and highlight the savory or tangy notes in others. In addition to raw seasonal wildflower and single-origin honeys, we’re sourcing those infused with flavors like lavender, hot peppers, sea salt, and black truffles. See who we’re sourcing from here


On the other side of the flavor spectrum, the acidity and crunch of a good pickle perfectly offset the rich, creamy qualities of cheese. Tiny cornichons are traditional with cheeses like raclette, while it’s our opinion that few foods go as well with bitey sharp cheddar as a crisp garlic dill. 

Our cheese subscription features pickles from these makers. Selections include traditional cukes as well as other pickled vegetables and fruits like asparagus, carrots, peppers, blueberries, and cherries. 


These briny little beauties can go with just about any cheese, but we especially love them with piquant blues, clothbound cheddars, and aged sheep’s milk cheeses. We’re sourcing olives grown in Spain, Italy, and Greece from these purveyors. Selections include salt-brined olive mixes as well as mixes marinated with a flavorful mix of herbs. 

Cured Meat

What’s a cheese board without charcuterie? We’re getting our cured meats, salami, and pâté from these producers, who source sustainably raised beef, pork, and duck from U.S. farms and transform it using time-honored, traditional methods. (And if you requested a vegetarian subscription, expect to see vegan and vegetarian pâtés made from tomatoes, mushrooms, and other veggies.)


Don’t forget dessert! Fine chocolate is a treat on its own—combine it with great cheese, and the flavors and textures become transcendent. We’re sourcing bars and bonobos from these chocolate companies based in California and New York. In addition to single-origin chocolates, they make confections infused with natural flavors like lavender, chamomile, Sicilian lemon, and pistachio. 

You can pause or adjust your monthly cheese deliveries at any time. 


A great thing about our cheese subscription service is that it’s a super easy way to commit to eating great cheese from regional dairies. Recurring payments mean you don’t have to remember to reorder—and with cheeses and pairings shipped right to your door each month, you never even have to leave the house to enjoy a fantastic cheese plate.  

But we know that a subscription service like this is a long-term commitment, and our hectic lifestyles can make that challenging. That’s why we made our program flexible to fit your schedule. 

You can adjust your ship date to ensure you’ll be home for your monthly delivery. If you’re away for a longer period, you can choose to skip a month—just let us know! And if you find that your current package provides you with too much (or not enough) cheese, you can easily adjust the size or frequency of the delivery. We even have customers who have been increasing their deliveries to once every week to two weeks!  

We include pairing suggestions, recipe ideas, and other cheesy info with each shipment. 

full cheese board on slate with pairings

Each shipment comes with a quick and easy guide to storing and serving cheese, so you’ll know how to take care of your wedges right out of the box. We’ll also send digital tasting literature featuring wine and beer pairing suggestions, recipe ideas, and educational info for that month’s cheese to your email inbox. And of course, you have our website’s entire archive of cheese pairing, storage, recipe, and style guides to learn from, too. 


Think of our customer service team as your personal cheesemonger. 


One of our favorite things about running the cheese subscription is how it lets us build ongoing relationships with cheese lovers like you. When you join, you become a member of a cheese community, not just a one-time customer. 

We think of our subscription as a two-way street. You receive our personalized cheese expertise, and learning which cheeses you like, don’t like as much, and really love makes us better mongers. Connecting cheese fans with amazing artisan varieties is one of our favorite things to do!

If this sounds like something you’d love, check out our cheese subscription here. Questions? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line at info@cheesegrotto.com!

Have you tried our new cheese and pairing subscription box yet? Tag us @cheesegrotto on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and let us know! 

Cheese Grotto makes internationally award-winning cheese storage pieces. We also sell beautiful American artisan cheeses and accompaniments as gifts and subscriptions. Learn more about the world of specialty cheese with Cheese Grotto! Join our cheese community today.

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