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Well balanced cheddar

I’ve been enjoying this with flax and poppy seed crackers. Not too sharp and has a subtle nutty flavor that the crackers being out.

Lisa, we love this cheddar so much haha! We're so happy you also enjoy it, it is wonderfully complex and nuanced without being too aggressive. And the flavor just lasts and lasts.

Love it!

We actually love it x2. This is the second one we’ve bought. Still using the first grotto from 10+ years ago. It is a must for cheese lovers.

Tanya!! There simply isn't a better proof of purchase than this. 10 years and counting!! Thank you so much

From the rurals of Oregon

First we live in a place with cheese makers so its not like we don't have access to good cheese.

Why we have the subscription; We like cheese and while we have delightfull award winning cheese here in the south oregon coast, we like to taste other cheese from around the country.

We arent cheese aficionados, We can Teach you about Fire, Fish and Forestry till your eyes glaze over but cheese is a bit of a mystery.
our subscription is how we let the pro's educate us on cheese.
so every month we look forward to that education.

a bit of brass tacks; you arent going to like every cheese you get, these are samples of what available. some cheeses are going to be too goaty some will be too bland some will be to salty and some will be absulutly transcendental. This is the job of the Pro's at Cheese Grotto, it why the subscription is perfect for most people.
did you know you love a soft Havarti? I didn't, i know now that i do.

how about that you can taste the different goat breeds in the cheese? lamancha tastes different than alpines taste different then nubians, and Cheese Grotto tells you who is making your cheese so you can find out.

Its some of the best money we spend a month.
Ernie and Erica

Erica!!! This review made our day thank you so much. This is exactly how we want to make customers feel, that they are going on an educational journey that is also expanding their palate. Thank you!

Spring Goat

I wanted to love this Spring Mother’s Day Cheese Gift Box so much. It arrived ready to be served. It was no longer cold and the box was extremely fragrant. Disappointed that the selection was three goat cheeses. Would have preferred an assortment; cow, sheep, blue, etc. I will give it a go one more time.

Hello there! Thank you so much for reaching out! We'd love to address all of your concerns, as well as figure out how to make you happier with the selection of cheeses and delivery the next time you order! In regards to the Mother's Day Gift Box, we do outline exactly what is included in the box, which are three goat cheeses that celebrate the seasonality of goat cheese, where the milk begins to flow in the springtime, and the flavors of the milk are wonderful. This was an intentional theme we curated for this box specifically. The cheeses included makers that are highly coveted in the specialty cheese industry and are producing in small to medium-scale production runs, and make unique styles of cheese, some of which are naturally fragrant and aromatic, which adds to their flavor profile. In the future, if you're interested in a variety of different cheese types to be included in your gift box, we have a three options! You can either reach out to us directly at for recommendations according to cheese types, you can order a la carte rather than a preset gift box, or you can choose from our wide selection of gift boxes that feature three different styles of cheese on our gift collection pages. It is always our priority to make sure that you are receiving cheeses you will enjoy, which is why we outline the cheese types and styles on each product page for your review before purchase. In regards to delivery issues, we can always remedy any deliveries that arrive warmer than desired. We use insulation and ice packs in order to keep the cheeses in peak condition through transit, but occasionally the carriers can store the cheeses in transit in a hotter than desired way, or if the package sits in the sun before being brought inside the package can warm up slightly. You can always reach out to use at if you have any concerns about food safety of your package or any quality that may have been compormised in transit, as we understand these are perishable items and we take this very seriously. Most importantly, we care about you, our customer! You are our number one priority! Have a lovely day, we hope to hear from you soon!!

The Perfect Personal Cheese Cave

Wow! I am so impressed with my Cheese Grotto. I had trepidations about spending so much. Well worth the price. This came so thoughtfully packaged with tips and care so this piece will last for many years. It also included the mineral oil for caring for the wood. I eagerly placed my cheeses within and have been enjoying their scrumptiousness.

Thank you so much for leaving your review! Reviews like this give us so much joy.

I am very pleased with my membership!

The Quarterly Meet The Make Subscription is a wonderful way to expand your knowledge of cheese. Once I had my Grotto Piatto, I was ready to explore. With my subscription I was able to make basic choices about cheeses I would receive and the opportunity to include crackers and other pairings. Jessica sends a link to watch a live zoom to learn about the maker of that month and to taste the cheeses - that always arrive on time and chilled. I am very pleased with my membership!

Yay, Catherine, we are so happy that you're enjoying your cheese subscription. We love that the Quarterly gives everyone a unique opportunity to learn from the makers themselves. It's one step removed from visiting the cheesemaker in person!

Cheese Grotto Piatto
Catherine Pope
I love my Grotto Piatto!!

I love my Grotto Piatto!!! I have had it for almost 2 months now and I use it continually. It is ingeniously constructed, simple to snap together, and is beautiful on my countertop, as well as, in my refrigerator. I am now more intensely aware of the day to day changes that happen to my cheeses at room temperature and cold. I am learning to get my cheeses to peak flavor - hard and soft cheeses. With the help of my Piatto, my taste in varieties of cheese keep growing. I'm now looking to expand my Grotto collection!!!

Catherine, thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review, we're so happy that the Grotto has transformed the way you enjoy cheese at home: that is the goal and inspiration!

Meet the Maker

Amazing cheese and discussion! Can’t wait for the next one!

Thank you, Corinne! We are so happy you enjoyed the cheese and Live Zoom event. And we're very excited to see you at the next one. xo

Love it!

Great addition to my kitchen; the cheese is always ready with good texture and taste.

Wonderful! This is what we love to hear

I gave this to my daughter and her boyfriend and they love it!

Hooray! We are so happy to hear this!! Thank you so much for your review, it really means a lot :-)

My gift subscription

I received the 3 month subscription for Christmas. I have looked forward way too much, each month. My family and I probably tasted things we normally wouldn't. All was delicious. Now I need to order next months shipment, can't miss the Grilled Cheese collection!

Roxanne we are so happy to hear this!! Thank you for your genuine love for cheese: there is so much to explore!

Cheese Grotto Piatto
Carolyn Correira
Wonderful Gift

I received this as part of my Valentine's Giveaway with Cheese Grotto and have loved using it and looks great in my refrigerator. As soon as I received it, which was so easy and fun to put together, I went out to get some new cheese. Just love it and definitely has made my Valentine's Day and continues to make my day with cheese and sausage I won and of course a glass of wine. 😉 Thank you also for my cheese and cacao chocolate which was an added bonus.🥰 Highly recommend and such a wonderful and amazing product.

The cheeses and accompaniments were delightful

The cheeses and accompaniments were delightful and the bonus cheese was a fun surprise. I think we still have a bit of last month’s cheese to finish before we dig into the special treats for February!

Outstanding customer service and professionally packed

Outstanding customer service: prompt, responsive, and helpful communication about products and shipping. I appreciate the professionally packed: no small feat in order to get perishables clear across the country; shipping information and links promptly emailed so I can keep an eye on delivery status.

Professionally packed

I appreciate the professionally packed: no small feat in order to get perishables clear across the country; shipping information and links promptly emailed so I can keep an eye on delivery status.

Outstanding customer service

Outstanding customer service: prompt, responsive, and helpful communication about products and shipping.

The answer we've been awaiting

I've been slinging cheese for almost a decade and have scrunched my face up every time a customer asks how to best store cheese. I knew that any answer I was going to give them would be compromising in one way or another to the integrity of their cheese. Thank the restaurant gods watching over us who inspired these fine folks to take this wild, "cheese cave at home" idea to fruition.

Just a little tweaking with the humidity control and you have perfect storage option. Also the grotto has made a show-stopping centerpiece many times that I've served cheese.

Keep up the great work team.

ROCK STAR Customer Service

Can't say enough good things about Jessica & Cheese Grotto. I ordered a 3 month gift subscription this Cmas for a special family's gift. I made an error and put my address as the shipping address :/ 1st month shipment goes out, I get the email confirmation that it's coming to ME!!! Yikes. I urgently contact Cheese Grotto. Jessica answers my email in RECORD TIME & assures me it will be corrected. Several additional emails were required and again EACH TIME Jessica responded quickly and courteously. The issue was resolved and I ended up with the a free box of cheese, courtesy of Cheese Grotto because FEDEX did not void the original ship label. Jessica would not accept any extra $ for it!! This was an issue I created & yet Jessica couldn't have been more helpful. The gifted family has also received their cheese and we are ALL very happy :) Cheese Grotto is the real deal. They care and they make things right. Do yourself a favor and order for yourself and your gift recipients! You will not be disappointed. Have you noticed how when you try and get something done lately it goes awry? Not at Cheese Grotto they make things right.

Aww Elaine thank you so much! We really appreciate it.

Exceeded My Expectations!

When I come to the US for the holidays, I'm always looking for American artisanal cheeses which are new to me yet resemble what we have in France. During my recent visit, I was delighted to try Herbes de Lucy! I wasn't sure how I'd like the herbes de Provence mixed into the paste, but wow - it was divine!! The herbes just blended so nicely with the creamy brie-style cheese. My only regret? I wish I had tucked some into my suitcase!

It saved the Mozzarella!

I like cheese, and am blessed to live in an area that has a lot of local options. The Mezzo (and I am thrilled it came with mineral oil in a quantity to maintain the birch shelf for decades) did a noteworthy job on the various cheddar and gouda cheeses that were not consumed in a single sitting. Over the three months, it is more fun to think about going back to a cheese I tasted a week ago and know it will only have gotten better, not moldy. This is an improvement over beeswax cheese covers, and a big improvement when herbed cheeses need to wait for the next tasting.

But my main hope was to keep fresh mozzarella healthy. I cook pizza and stromboli from scratch, and buy mozzarella in large logs that don't get used up in a single baking. In the past, the life of such a moist cheese was only a few days. So I'd find myself planning another baking or a caprese salad when I didn't want one, just to use the cheese and not have to perform mold surgery. I can report a two week layover left the cheese in perfect shape and moist. This is a huge win, and has made my life better. GIven the quality of construction, the even better job it does, the Mezzo is a bargain at twice the price. Literally.

Classic Reminder

The Piazzo sits on a cabinet in my studio apartment and it has one job: keep my Parmesan cheese at the proper temperature. I like to buy a good sized piece, allowing it to mature over a month or three. I received my Piazzo just before en extended season of traveling. Three months in and the Parmesan is in great shape. My favorite dinner guest has noted improvements in taste every few weeks. And because it looks so good sitting there in the open, I see it and am happy; and it also means I use Parmesan more often than I had when it was hidden away in the refrigerator. Also, keeping it at the right temperature prevents clumping caused by condensation. The humidity brick also keeps it at a moisture level is healthier for the cheese and me. It looks good, keeps cheese better -- what's not to love?

Fantastic Experience!

What a fun, well-put-together, delicious experience! We chose the Virtual Cheese and Charcuterie Board Building + Wine Tasting for a small team event and it was amazing! Everything was delivered perfectly, the day of the event went so smoothly. The cheeses, meats, and wines were DELICIOUS. We had a blast and learned so much about each cheese/meat, and how to best assemble a board. This will not be the last time we use Cheese Grotto. Oh what fun! :)

Oh Boy - a home run!!!!

I bought this subscription for my 99 year young Mom. She received her third shipment today. Mom raves - absolutely raves- about the cheeses. Says they “are the best thing I have ever put in my mouth!”

Love love love highly recommend

Love love love highly recommend

This cheese grotto is amazing.

This cheese grotto is amazing. I gave it to my son as a birthday gift. We both love this beautiful addition to our cheese resources. This is a great addition to our cheese routines. Beautiful as well as useful.

Good Subscription Agency
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