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Since their first batch of cheese in 2006, Milton Creamery is the result of a dream built in Southern Iowa – a place with rolling hills, woodlands, rivers and rich soil.

A dream of doing something to help others in the agriculture world and beyond, adding value to the milk for dairy farmers, creating jobs in the local community and bringing consumers a product created with art and passion in Southern Iowa.

  • Prairie Breeze™ - The texture is both creamy and crumbly, featuring delicate calcium and protein crystals for a satisfying crunch. The flavor profile is bursting with notes of roasted cashews, bright orange acidity, pineapple, and crème fraiche.  Pairs wonderfully with apples and an onion confit.

Milk: Pasteurized Cow Milk
Rennet: Microbial Rennet (Vegetarian)
Age: 9 months

This cheese fits well in any Grotto model.

We'll include digital literature on the best way to store and serve Prairie Breeze™.

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Milton Creamery


Milton, Iowa


Orders ship every Monday via Express Shipping. Place your order by Friday to have your order included in Monday's shipments.