How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Cheese

There’s a viral meme going around right now about how one can “fascinate a woman by giving her a piece of cheese.” Based on personal experience, we wholeheartedly agree—there are few better ways to woo than with a delicious wedge. 

Since Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, we thought we’d make it easy for you to pick out a cheesy treat for your sweetie. Here are some of the gifts we’d love to get from our secret and not-so-secret admirers on February 14.

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Send your loved one a cheesy care package.

Forget the jewelry—it’s cheese your beloved really wants! Our online cheese shop is full of wheels, blocks, wedges, and bundles of cheese just waiting to be shipped to their door. Cow, sheep, goat, it’s all there. Or go all out with one of our tasting boxes, loaded with great cheeses and spectacular accompaniments for pairing. 

For a gift that lasts long beyond February, check out our Monthly Cheese Subscription or our Quarterly Cheese Subscription. They’ll be reminded of your thoughtfulness every time a new delivery arrives.

cheese gift package

Photography by Grace Wilkey

Pick out some shiny new cheese gear for your sweetie.

Maybe your sweetheart has already stuffed their Cheese Grotto to the gills. What to do? Well, we know from experience that you can never have too much cheese gear. Cute knives, beautiful boards, and chic servers are great options, as are home cheesemaking kits

Of course, if your cheesy valentine is still storing their cheese wrapped in paper or plastic, they might appreciate a cheese storage upgrade. Order up our flagship Classico, a spacious Fresco, a compact Mezzo, or a petite Piatto and give them a delicious new home for their favorite wedges. Or get them a digital gift card and let them pick out exactly what they want. 

cheese grotto fresco
Photography by Lizzy Myers

Make your special someone an extra-special cheese board.

When it comes to holidays, it’s the thought that counts, right? If you’re lucky enough to be sharing space with your valentine this year—or close enough to do a drive-by fromage dropoff—whip them up a Valentine’s Day cheese board with a few special wedges and tasty pairings. 

We made it easy for you to put together with a whole section of guides to help you pick some excellent cheeses and ideal pairings. You can follow the fill-the-board format or buck the trend with a minimalist cheese board. Add a bottle of something to drink (holidays are a great excuse for bubbly) and a bouquet of flowers. They’ll love you forever. 

cheese and charcuterie board

Photography by Grace Wilkey

Give your love a sensory feast with a Valentine’s Day virtual cheese tasting.

Video is no substitute for being together in person, but it comes in handy when we want to stay connected with the people we care about. One of the best ways to make them more fun? Add a tactile, delicious learning experience like a virtual cheese tasting! It’s a great way for lovers, friends, and family to spend time together from afar. 

That’s why we’re hosting a Valentine’s Wine, Cheese, & Chocolate Tasting on Sunday, February 14! You can log on and learn how to taste and pair from Cheese Grotto founder Jessica Sennett and Suhru Wines’ Shelby Hearn. We’re featuring three special wedges from our American artisans, two excellent bottles from Suhru, and a bar of their Merlot-infused dark chocolate made by North Fork Chocolate Company. Get tickets for you and your love(s) here.

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day with cheese this year? Let us know! 

wine and cheese virtual valentine's day tasting

Photography by Jess Hitt

Alexandra Jones is a writer, cheesemonger, and food educator who has been working with farmers and artisans in Pennsylvania for the past eight years. She has written for publications like Food & Wine, USA Today, The Counter, Civil Eats, Thrillist, and the Philadelphia Inquirer and is one-third of the team behind Collective Creamery, a women-powered artisan cheese subscription based in southeast Pennsylvania. Alexandra leads cheese tastings and teaches cheesemaking classes in and around Philadelphia, and we are honored to have her on our team.

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