Our Quarterly Cheese Subscription - The American Artisan Collection

Our Quarterly Cheese Subscription - The American Artisan Collection

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The cheese selection fits well both in a Grotto Classico and Grotto Fresco. Automatically receive 50% off Our Quarterly Cheese Subscription when purchasing one of these Grotto models! (Applied at checkout)

We've curated a quarterly cheese subscription, so you can continue to be delighted year-round with unique, and interesting American Artisan cheeses. Complete with literature on storing, serving, and pairing each style, each selection will highlight an American cheesemaker. Our mission is to give you a real sense of terroir and education, while providing cheese that will last weeks, sometimes months, when stored in a Grotto.

Each package will be 2 pounds of cheese total ($27/pound).

The packages will ship:

  1. December 10th
  2. March 11th
  3. July 8th
  4. November 11th

There is the ability to adjust ship date depending on your schedule, if given two weeks notice before the ship date.

Cheese Makers 

Curated by Cheese Grotto


Tomales Farmstead Creamery (California), Coach Farm (New York), Landmark Creamery (Wisconsin), Uplands Cheese (Wisconsin)


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