Floral Goat Cheese and Floral Tea

Goat cheese decorated with edible flowers and calendula tea

Calendula tea is known for its medicinal properties.  It is soothing, light, slightly vegetal, and obviously has hints of floral.  The flower is known to strengthen the immune system, decrease inflammation, and make skin healthier and more vibrant. 

It was a straightforward choice to pair this tea, hot or iced, with fresh goat cheese decorated with floral petal fireworks.  Fresh goat cheese is light, bright, creamy.  It would melt well in the mouth with a calendula kick.  The flavors will merge and give you cheese dreams of lush pastures.

There are two different methods of steeping the tea. The boiling method will give a quick extraction and a less deep flavor.  The sun tea method will extract more from the flower over a longer period of time, making it a slightly more complex taste.  Either way, the process of making floral cheese and floral tea is quite meditative and crafty.

Boiling water method with fresh flowers: Fill a heat-proof jar with fresh flowers and pour boiling water over them. Cap and let infuse until the tea is cool enough to drink.

Sun tea method: Fill a jar with fresh flowers (or 1/4 full with dried flowers) and cover with water. Cap and place out in the sun for at least 5 or 6 hours.

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