An age-old science of preserving cheese

“This century-old device is the right and only way to keep and store cheese.”

- Steve Jenkins, world-renowned cheese specialist 

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Once a week, the clay brick humidor is submerged in water for 2 minutes...
... and then placed inside the bottom of the grotto.
Wedges and wheels of cheese are stored directly on the shelves.
The ventilated back panel can be opened for extra breathability.
Removable shelves make for easy cleaning between cheese feasts.
The grotto fits in the fridge for long term storage...
... or on a counter for presentation and entertainment.

A humidor for the ultimate cheese lover

Handmade in Richmond, Virginia with the highest quality materials, the patent pending Cheese Grotto ™ can be enjoyed with friends and family for a lifetime. It's time to store your specialty cheese with integrity, cheese expert approved.


Maintains Freshness

With its clay brick and architectural details, the Cheese Grotto is the perfect environment for wedges and wheels of cheese to thrive, and prolongs their shelf life. No more throwing away old bits of beautiful cheese.


No Extra Packaging

The controlled climate eliminates the need for wrapping your cheese; store and cut whole pieces of cheese with no extra packaging. Say goodbye to plastic wrap.



The Cheese Grotto is carefully constructed with all green materials: Plyboo®, glass, and clay. You can save the planet while you save your cheese.


Easy Fit

At 12 inches deep, 8.5 inches tall, and 7 inches wide, the Cheese Grotto is designed to easily fit inside your refrigerator. It can also fit comfortably on your counter top.


An Exclusive Membership

With the purchase of a Grotto, you will receive exclusive monthly offerings from top cheese producers and retailers, saving you hundreds of dollars in cheese, accouterments, and beverages.

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About the founder

Why Cheese Grotto?


Sennett's Cheese Grotto solves a problem every cheese lover faces: 'How can I prolong and/or maintain my cheeses at their optimal stages of ripeness? Cheeses are best preserved in their own microcosms with appropriate temperature, humidity, air flow, and microflora, and on permeable and easy-to-clean surfaces... Cheese Grotto provides all this in an attractive and portable package!

Max McCalman, world-renowned cheese specialist

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our newest model

Cheese Grotto Fresco

Made for the metropolitan cheese lover, The Cheese Grotto Fresco has a smaller footprint of 7 inches by 9 inches with a height of 8 inches, making it the perfect size for the metropolitan cheese lover.  The Grotto Fresco was funded successfully via our Women You Should Fund campaign in December 2017, and is now available to order.

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