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Zoom Cheese Grotto 12 Months of Cheese Subscription
Zoom Cheese Grotto 12 Months of Cheese Subscription
Zoom Cheese Grotto 12 Months of Cheese Subscription
Zoom Cheese Grotto 12 Months of Cheese Subscription
Zoom Cheese Grotto 12 Months of Cheese Subscription

12 Months of Cheese Subscription

Regular price $756.00
*FREE Bonus Gourmet Item with Every Subscription Order (avg $10 value)

Prepay and save! Customize our award-winning subscription to your cheese preferences. We'll curate an extraordinary rotating selection of 3 American artisan cheeses per month (about 1.5 pounds) with the option to add pairings and crackers. 

For July we're celebrating the great outdoors with a box of cheeses and pairings perfect for a summer picnic, or your next epic hike. Featuring snackable, portable cheeses like Carr Valley's Bread Stix, and dense, flavorful cheeses that will last on the trailSpring Brook Farm's Alpine-style Tarentaise, and Widmer Cheese's crystalline 4 Year Cheddar.  Backpack-friendly pairings such as a pocket-size salami, dried fig & almond cake, refreshing cornichon pickles, and rye biscuits ensure your belly will be full and your palate will be satiated.

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Order by Thursday to ship Monday every week.

12 Months of Cheese Subscription

$715.00 Regular price $756.00

Long Description

Finally!  An award-winning cheese subscription fully customizable to your cheese preferences and allergies.  We'll curate an extraordinary, rotating selection of three American artisan cheeses per month (approx 1.5 pounds), with the option to add pairings and crackers.

By letting our experts select the cheeses in each delivery, you'll expand your palate, discover new favorites, and experience the best that American artisan cheesemakers have to offer. There are hundreds of artisan cheese producers in the United States and thousands of wheels to try.

Here's a pro tip for diving into our cheese subscription: Challenge yourself to try new cheeses and expand your palate! You may not have enjoyed goat cheese or funky cheeses like blues and washed rinds in the past, but you just might find some you love in your next subscription box.

With each shipment, we'll email a custom digital tasting guide with tips for creating the perfect food and beverage pairings with your selections. You'll also receive a printable and editable tasting journal you can use to take notes on each cheese.

Cheese Styles Included

• Bloomy rind, Washed rind, Natural rind, Waxed rind, Blue, Smoked, Herbed, Spiced, Cow cheese, Sheep cheese, Goat cheese (unless otherwise requested in our preferences section)

• What are funky cheeses? We call blue cheeses and washed rind cheeses “funky cheeses” because they are stronger in flavor and aroma.  

• What are flavored cheeses? We call cheeses infused with herbs, spices, and smoke “flavored cheeses” because the interior or exterior of the cheese has added flavor.

• The subscription includes three cheeses (1.5 pounds total) per shipment. The cheeses shipped are selected at optimal ripeness and best enjoyed within 2 to 3 weeks of delivery.

• One serving of cheese is anywhere from 2 to 4 ounces, depending on your appetite. This package is great for 6 to 12 servings over weeks of enjoyment.

July's Great Outdoors Theme

Hardy Cheeses Perfect for the Outdoors

For July we're celebrating the great outdoors with a box of cheeses and pairings perfect for a summer picnic, or your next epic hike. Featuring snackable, portable cheeses like Carr Valley's Bread Stix, and dense, flavorful cheeses that will last on the trail—Spring Brook Farm's Alpine-style Tarentaise, and Widmer Cheese's crystalline 4 Year Cheddar

The pairings

Add our July pairings to your order!

  • Rye Biscuits
  • Dried Fig & Almond Cake
  • Landjager Salami Pairs
  • Cornichons

If you have a gluten allergy, we will substitute gluten-free crackers.

If you have a nut allergy, we will replace the nuts with other tasty olives.

If you are a vegetarian we will replace with another cheese.

How the Subscription Works

• The beauty of a cheese subscription is that it never sells out! We highly recommend purchasing your subscription by the Thursday prior to the week you'd like to receive your first shipment.

• After signup, you or the recipient can email us at for assistance modifying your delivery week, and we'll respond within 3 business days.

• You will be billed once for the total subscription package. At the end of the pre-paid period of 12 months, you will receive an email asking if you would like to extend your subscription.

• The monthly subscription will be processed every 4 weeks, and the monthly order number will be generated in our system the Thursday prior to the week of shipping your order. 

• This is a one-time purchase that will automatically renew after the prepaid period. You will be notified via email and will have the opportunity to cancel before the autorenew happens.


• At checkout, you will be charged one payment for all 12 months of shipping, which is based on your recipient's zip code.

• To be included in the following week’s shipment, please place your order by the Thursday before.

• Please visit our shipping policy page for additional questions.


If you choose to add crackers and 3 accompaniments to your subscription box, we will rotate and pair according to the featured cheeses each month and your allergy specifications.

Downloadable Gift Card

Need a gift card you can email or print?

We got you! Download this gift card and share with the lucky gift recipient! The size of the card is 5.5 inches by 4.5 inches so it can be formatted on a full-sized printer paper, or can be formatted to print double-sided!

What Is Artisan Cheese?

According to the American Cheese Society, "artisan or artisanal implies that a cheese is produced primarily by hand, in small batches, with particular attention paid to the tradition of the cheesemaker’s art, and thus using as little mechanization as possible in the production of the cheese."

Over the past decade, the American artisan cheese community has been recognized internationally for its quality and integrity. Small to medium-scale artisan cheesemakers have a core set of values: High-quality milk makes incredible cheese, and high-quality land and animal management makes for incredible milk. In our industrial food system, committing to these core values requires long hours of hard work and strict attention to detail.

Our monthly subscription directly supports American artisan cheesemakers and the strengthening and diversification of our food system.


Want pairings with your cheese?

Sign up to include a monthly rotating selection of artisan crackers and 3 expertly matched pairings for your 3 artisan cheeses each month. You'll be glad you did!

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Erica Wisner
From the rurals of Oregon

First we live in a place with cheese makers so its not like we don't have access to good cheese.

Why we have the subscription; We like cheese and while we have delightfull award winning cheese here in the south oregon coast, we like to taste other cheese from around the country.

We arent cheese aficionados, We can Teach you about Fire, Fish and Forestry till your eyes glaze over but cheese is a bit of a mystery.
our subscription is how we let the pro's educate us on cheese.
so every month we look forward to that education.

a bit of brass tacks; you arent going to like every cheese you get, these are samples of what available. some cheeses are going to be too goaty some will be too bland some will be to salty and some will be absulutly transcendental. This is the job of the Pro's at Cheese Grotto, it why the subscription is perfect for most people.
did you know you love a soft Havarti? I didn't, i know now that i do.

how about that you can taste the different goat breeds in the cheese? lamancha tastes different than alpines taste different then nubians, and Cheese Grotto tells you who is making your cheese so you can find out.

Its some of the best money we spend a month.
Ernie and Erica

Erica!!! This review made our day thank you so much. This is exactly how we want to make customers feel, that they are going on an educational journey that is also expanding their palate. Thank you!

Sandra DeJong

I gave this to my daughter and her boyfriend and they love it!

Hooray! We are so happy to hear this!! Thank you so much for your review, it really means a lot :-)

Roxanne Sydnor
My gift subscription

I received the 3 month subscription for Christmas. I have looked forward way too much, each month. My family and I probably tasted things we normally wouldn't. All was delicious. Now I need to order next months shipment, can't miss the Grilled Cheese collection!

Roxanne we are so happy to hear this!! Thank you for your genuine love for cheese: there is so much to explore!

The cheeses and accompaniments were delightful

The cheeses and accompaniments were delightful and the bonus cheese was a fun surprise. I think we still have a bit of last month’s cheese to finish before we dig into the special treats for February!

Elaine W.
ROCK STAR Customer Service

Can't say enough good things about Jessica & Cheese Grotto. I ordered a 3 month gift subscription this Cmas for a special family's gift. I made an error and put my address as the shipping address :/ 1st month shipment goes out, I get the email confirmation that it's coming to ME!!! Yikes. I urgently contact Cheese Grotto. Jessica answers my email in RECORD TIME & assures me it will be corrected. Several additional emails were required and again EACH TIME Jessica responded quickly and courteously. The issue was resolved and I ended up with the a free box of cheese, courtesy of Cheese Grotto because FEDEX did not void the original ship label. Jessica would not accept any extra $ for it!! This was an issue I created & yet Jessica couldn't have been more helpful. The gifted family has also received their cheese and we are ALL very happy :) Cheese Grotto is the real deal. They care and they make things right. Do yourself a favor and order for yourself and your gift recipients! You will not be disappointed. Have you noticed how when you try and get something done lately it goes awry? Not at Cheese Grotto they make things right.

Aww Elaine thank you so much! We really appreciate it.

Good Subscription Agency
Free Bonus Gourmet Item (Average Value $10) with Every Cheese Subscription Order. Sign up today.


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