We want to serve all your cheesy needs! Take our survey to be entered to win cheesy prizes.

If you are taking this survey on your mobile phone, please turn your phone horizontally to rotate the screen so you can fill out the whole survey. Sorry for the formatting inconvenience, feel free to email info@cheesegrotto.com if you require more assistance.


  • Send me all the free samples as possible LOL

    John keller
  • I would love win I love to eat cheese

    Loretta Reno
  • Interesting site on cheese! We like to try new cheeses

  • Hello! I noticed a few people commenting on their difficulties with taking the mobile survey on their phone. The formatting works if you flip your phone horizontally, it just doesn’t work vertically. Sorry, I’m not sure if I can fix it! I will add a note to the top of the survey for mobile phone users. THANK YOU for your responses, it has been amazing!!

    Jessica Sennett
  • I like brie, and other exotic cheeses, like to experiment.

    Doug McGuire

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