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Cheese Making Workshops For All

The holidays are well upon us, and by far my favorite part of the season is cooking and eating food with people that I love.  There is something magical about experimenting with a new holiday recipe, baking a traditional family favorite, and devouring entire wheels of the ripe and deliciously gooey, Vacherin Mont D’Or cheese (or, it’s American counterpart, Rush Creek Reserve).  It is capturing this holiday feeling and honoring those food processes that I hold more sacred than any presents I may receive– cooking and sharing food together becomes an escape, a fantasy, and therapy all at once.

You may have noticed that I’ve recently released a new series of offerings for cheese lovers. These cheese making workshops are intended to be given as a gift certificate or can be used for a pre-scheduled event or party that you have on the horizon.  I encourage you to reach out to me with any cheese dreams you have, and we can design an event that best suits your needs.

I developed these offerings in order to satiate the curious cheese mind, give people the tools to produce their own cheeses, and to become their own cheese aficionados. I’m also just a sucker for having fun, eating cheese and seasonal pairings, and drinking wine, so any excuse to do more of any of these is time well spent, in my opinion.

This is how I view my Private Cheese Making Workshops: they are a time and a place where you can gather friends and family in your home or another selected venue, and start a new cheese making tradition.  You can use the recipes to enhance and elevate your culinary prowess.  You can slow down your daily routine and look at your kitchen in a new way.  You can demystify the handcrafted processes.

Here’s to a year of cheese making and meeting all the die hard cheese lovers in the New York City area!

Have a wonderful holiday season.

How to purchase a Cheese Making Workshop for the Holidays:

There are three standard private cheese making workshop offerings that can be purchased as a gift certificate for a TBD time/place or as part of a pre-scheduled event:

1. Small Group Italian (Mozzarella, Burrata, and Ricotta)

2. Small Group French (Fresh Goat Cheese, Crème Fraîche, and Cultured Butter)

3. Large Group Mozzarella (For Work Parties and Larger Events)

If purchased as a gift certificate, the date and NYC location of the workshop can be decided at a future time. Your home kitchen is an ideal venue for a small cheese making gathering, but I am open to work in any kitchen venue of your choice. I have beautiful digital and printed gift certificates that can be personalized for that special cheese loving friend or family member for the holidays.

Recipes, troubleshooting recommendations, and costs of cheese making ingredients are included in the price.  The instructor will bring a bottle of wine to enjoy with the finished, handcrafted cheeses.

The workshop duration is between 3 to 4 hours.

Consider getting your loved ones an alternative gift this holiday season!

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