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Ricotta Salata Recipe

If you’ve never made ricotta at home you’re missing out.  We all deserve to know firsthand that freshly made cheese is one of life’s simplest joys.  And once you see how easy it is to make ricotta from scratch, you can easily add it to your weekly kitchen routine. Fresh cheeses usually last anywhere from one to two weeks, so if you end up making a large batch and are not sure if you can eat the whole amount during the week, there is a method for preserving the cheese for longer. 

Salt is the main preservative ingredient in cheese, and also acts to control the rate of fermentation of the cheese curd. Pressing the curd into a wheel compacts the fats and the proteins and releases the excess water that typically promotes premature spoilage. By salting and pressing your leftover ricotta, you can easily have a wheel of house made ricotta salata that will keep in your fridge for up to a month’s time!



Paprika Ricotta Salata Cheese


Jessica at Cheese Grotto

Hi Gigi! You can definitely use cow’s milk to make Ricotta Salata though it won’t be the original recipe that uses sheep milk. However, sheep milk is very hard to source (not as widely popular in the US as in Italy) so cow’s milk will definitely work! And yes, try out that tofu press to press the wheel in its ricotta salata basket!


It has been impossible to find ricotta salata in Houston since Covid hit, so I’m excited to try this! We usually make ricotta with cows milk, do we need to look for sheep or Goat milk to make ricotta salata? Could I possibly use a tofu press to make it?

Donna Hill

Jessica, I cannot wait to make this and coat it with my garden oregano and rosemary. I will serve it at Christmas as an appetizer with luscious warmed crackers and prosciutto. Thank you so much.


I have a wedge of ricotta Salata that has gotten moldy on the outside. Can I remove the mold and still eat the better part of the cheese?


Hi Jennie,

Thanks for your kind note on our blog! The paprika isn’t necessary to make ricotta salata, but we just like it for the flavor and the dramatic presentation. You can continue to cure and age it plain since it’s been salted for seven days already, or you could try any other spices or dried herbs for a different flavor, like dried rosemary or oregano or turmeric or chili flakes (if you like it spicy).

I hope that answers your question!

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