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Buttermilk Ricotta Recipe

Homemade buttermilk ricotta recipe

Traditional Ricotta is made by reheating the whey from a previous batch of rennet cheese, such as pecorino or mozzarella.  The recipes that you’ll find smattered all over the internet are a variation on that tradition: milk acidified and heated with vinegars and lemon juice.  My favorite recipe for ricotta uses buttermilk to acidify and coagulate the milk. The reasons are in the flavor and the texture.  The flavor is more nuanced because of the diverse array of cultures that buttermilk contains.  The texture is fluffier and creamier than the quick acid set counterparts.  The great fact about ricotta is that you can dress it up quite simply and it comes to life as something entirely different.  

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Jessica at Cheese Grotto

Hi Miriam! Thanks for your interest in our ricotta recipe. I added the yield amount to the post: it is 1 to 2 pounds depending on the richness/fattiness of the milk. Higher fat content milk will result in more cheese!


Hi Jessica – About how much fresh ricotta will this yield? Ounces or cups – just a rough estimate would be great. Also curious how much ricotta salata that in turn would yield…Can’t wait to try! Thanks -

Jessica at Cheese Grotto

Hi Jade, Yes you can freeze the whey! I recommend first straining it with a fine-mesh sieve and then freezing it in plastic quart containers.

Jade D.

I’m letting my buttermilk ricotta strain as we speak, and I had a quick question. Can you freeze the whey? If not, how long will it last in the refrigerator? Thanks so much!

Jessica at Cheese Grotto

Hi Marylynn, Cultured Buttermilk is acidic. It is full of live, active cultures and so it works as the acid in this recipe. Be sure to purchase Cultured Buttermilk for the desired results!

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