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The Best Cheese Storage for Small Kitchens

We believe that everyone deserves fresh, flavorful, long-lasting cheese. That’s why we make four different sizes of Cheese Grotto: so that all cheese lovers—from connoisseurs storing several pounds of cheese at a time to occasional nibblers—can have a great cheese storage option that fits their lifestyle and their kitchen.

This philosophy is behind the storage box for our most compact Grotto option, the Piatto. We designed its sleek, space-saving, and informative package to provide a thoughtful unboxing experience that matches the careful consideration and quality craftsmanship of the Grotto inside.

When the Piatto arrives, you (or your lucky recipient) will open the shipping box to find this beautiful package inside. Open that up, and you’ll find simple, easy directions for putting your Piatto together—no tools required, thanks to the magic of magnets! Skip the recycling bin and stash the packaging somewhere safe (we’ll tell you why in a minute). 

Putting your Piatto together is super easy. Just pop the walls into place, give the humidifying clay brick a two-minute soak in cool water, slide in the shelf and door, and you’re ready to welcome a few of your favorite wedges into their cute little home. You can even slide out the shelf and use it to make a mini cheese board!

Now here’s where this new packaging really shines. Maybe you know you’re not going to use your Piatto for a while, or maybe you’re moving, or you’re taking it with you to store all the cheese you’ll eat on vacation. 

Simply give your Piatto a quick cleaning before taking it apart and popping the pieces back into the box for compact, convenient storage and transport! When you’re ready to use it again, it’ll be easy to find and a snap to put back in action. It’s beautiful, versatile, thoughtfully crafted—everything we want the Cheese Grotto to be—and it’s ready to ship now

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