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[Video] Cheese Grotto Care: A Ritual and a Guide

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We live in the age of convenience.  So much so, that often the daily rituals we enjoy so thoroughly get thrown to the wayside.  I invite people to take the extra few moments out of your day, week, month, year to enjoy the ritual of cheese.

The reason I became so inspired by specialty cheese is because of the care and process involved with each cheese produced.  The Cheese Grotto provides a ritual around specialty cheese each time you store, serve, and maintain the preservation device.  I often compare it to a cast-iron pan: something that gets better with time, and requires some thoughtful care to keep it shining.

Why porous materials?

Our larger model, The Grotto Classico, is designed for cheese connoisseurs and is constructed of architecturally resistant bamboo for two reasons: it is 3X harder than solid oak, and it stands up to a lifetime of humidity fluctuations.  The porosity of the material cultivates the cheese and helps it ripen while preserving the intended flavor and texture.  A cheese connoisseur will not mind taking a few more minutes out of their schedule in order to preserve the integrity of their cheese.  

If you are seeking a model that requires less maintenance but features more limited functionality, we recommend our smaller models, The Grotto Fresco or The Grotto Mezzo with the Black Richlite shelving.  The structure is pre-finished, and the shelving is dishwasher safe. 

does cheese require humidity
Why clean with hot water and distilled white vinegar?

This cleaning formula of 3:1 hot water to vinegar, is used by cheese makers as a natural way to preserve the wooden shelves in their cheese caves.  It is a way to freshen up the material without losing all the wonderful cheesy activity that helps define a cheese's flavor and texture.

The clay brick also requires a refresher, every 3 months, with the same solution.  Simply soak the brick for 2 minutes in the solution.

Why air dry?

Air drying the shelves and the bricks after maintenance helps seal them for their next use so that the cheese stays fresh.  After maintenance is completed, you can return to cheese business as usual.  

Why mineral oil?

Treat your Cheese Grotto like a cutting board.  The mineral oil helps protect the wood over time from stains and blemishes. After many years of use, the Cheese Grotto's aesthetic allure will only increase with rustic charm and beauty.



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