The 7 Best Holiday Gifts for Cheese Lovers

 Table of Contents

  1. Cheese Serving Gifts
  2. Cheese Gift Boxes
  3. Cheese Gift Subscriptions
  4. Cheese Storage Gifts
  5. Home Cheesemaking Kits
  6. Private Virtual Cheese Tastings
  7. Cheese Gift Cards

If there’s one thing we enjoy almost as much as eating cheese, it’s sharing our love of cheese with our favorite people near and far. We all want to stay connected with our loved ones this holiday, and we at Cheese Grotto have developed a cheese gift guide to help you do just that with the cheese fanciers in your life. 

From hand-carved cheese knives to virtual tastings to abundant tasting boxes with everything you need for a festive cheese feast right out of the box, we have the best cheese gifts for everyone on your list—starting at just $18. 

gift-wrapped cheese gifts

Cheese Serving Gifts

Sure, you can serve cheese on just about anything, from a plain old plate to a fancy tray to the paper in which it’s wrapped. But we believe that every cheese lover should have a board, platter, or slate dedicated to enjoying their favorite wedges. 

A beautiful cheese server makes everything look and taste a little more special. Our sleek Adagio Cheese Server is made of the same strong, beautiful Plyboo as the Cheese Grotto itself, available in beautiful natural blond or coated with a shiny black surface of antimicrobial, easy-to-clean Richlite. With its durable construction, wide surface, and sturdy handles, the Adagio can hold up to ten pounds of cheese—perfect for feeding a party or simply enjoying an easy weeknight cheese board at home. 

For those who love to entertain, our Circular Serving Slate Set makes it easy to display a selection of cheese and accompaniments for up to six people and comes complete with a piece of soapstone chalk for easy, elegant labeling right on the slate (and the option to add on one of our ergonomic wooden cheese knives). Their favorite cheeses will pop beautifully against this chic, dramatic slate.

Looking for shelf-stable stocking stuffers? We have those too! Our Hand-Carved Wooden Cheese Knives are comfortable to use and designed to cut any style of cheese, from soft, bloomy Trillium to firm, nutty Pleasant Ridge Reserve.

cheese board gifts

Cheese Gift Boxes

There’s no time like the winter holidays to revel in amazing cheeses. Whether you’re looking for a single amazing wedge or a set of contrasting styles from some of the top artisan cheesemakers in the U.S., we’re shipping fresh, delicious wheels and wedges all over the country for your holiday celebrations. Simply use the filters in our online cheese shop to sort through styles, milk types, and cheesemakers to find the perfect variety (or variety pack) for your loved one. 

For the first time, we’re selling a trio of our favorite cheeses—Brie, cheddar, and French tomme—bundled with accompaniments like crackers, country ham, craft chocolate, chutney, olives, and truffle honeycomb. Shopping for a crowd—or just don’t want to choose? Pick up our Full Artisan Cheese Tasting Package, bursting with three fabulous cheeses plus every accompaniment. 

Best of all, our cheese gift packages can be made nut-free, gluten-free, or vegetarian—just select the option you need at checkout. Want those goodies packed in a gift box and tied with a beautiful satin bow? We can do that too! 

cheese gift boxes

Cheese Gift Subscriptions

One-time food gifts are great. But when you want to do something extra-special for the seasoned connoisseur, get them the cheesy gift that keeps on giving. 

Purchase a Monthly Cheese Subscription of 1, 2, or 3 cheeses each month or a Quarterly Cheese Subscription of 2 pounds of cheese every 3 months for your loved one. We’ll send them regular packages of our favorite American artisan cheeses, featuring a new maker each time. 

monthly cheese subscription gift 

Cheese Storage Gifts

Whether you’re shopping for a budding cheese lover or a seasoned connoisseur, they’ll appreciate a beautiful, sustainable way to store cheese that makes it taste better and last longer. 

The Cheese Grotto comes in four sizes, from the spacious Classico for serious aficionados to the petite Piatto for the new cheese lover who enjoys one wedge at a time (or has a smaller kitchen). Shop all four Grotto models here—and don’t forget accessories like hygrometers for measuring humidity and sexy black Grotto shelving, too. 

best cheese storage gifts

Home Cheesemaking Kits

Shopping for a DIY fanatic or dedicated home cook? Help them make their own cheeses at home with one of our Italian Cheesemaking Kits! Each kit has all the specialized equipment and ingredients you need to make fresh mozzarella, burrata, whole milk ricotta, and mascarpone, from the milk thermometer to the rennet to the directions—up to eight batches of cheese in all. All the recipient needs to do is add milk and cream!

home cheesemaking kit gift

Virtual Cheese Tastings

Food makes a great experiential gift—but sometimes, we want a little more than that. That’s where our virtual cheese tastings and classes come in! For an early gift, pick up tickets to our Holiday Wine & Cheese Tasting on December 6, and we’ll send the recipient a package of cheese and bottles of wine to enjoy with our expert instructors in our virtual cheese classroom. 

If you want to capture the fun of a holiday party from afar with a shared food experience, our private virtual tastings and classes are the perfect way to do it. Bring together your family, friends, coworkers, or clients, and we’ll set up your very own virtual wine and cheese tasting or Italian cheesemaking class. They’re a fun and delicious way to connect and be together from afar. 

holiday virtual cheese tasting

Cheese Gift Cards

Can’t decide on a gift? Shopping for someone with specific tastes? Want to support our awesome American artisan cheesemakers? Give a Cheese Grotto gift card

Your recipient can use their gift card on anything in our online store—cheeses, tasting boxes, Cheese Grottos, serving ware, kits, and classes. It’s the perfect way to make sure they’ll get a cheesy gift they really love while showing how much you care—and supporting our country’s cheese culture at the same time. 

artisan cheese gift certificates

What are your favorite cheesy holiday gifts to give? Let us know!


Alexandra Jones is a writer, cheesemonger, and food educator who has been working with farmers and artisans in Pennsylvania for the past eight years. She has written for publications like Food & Wine, USA Today, The Counter, Civil Eats, Thrillist, and the Philadelphia Inquirer and is one-third of the team behind Collective Creamery, a women-powered artisan cheese subscription based in southeast Pennsylvania. Alexandra leads cheese tastings and teaches cheesemaking classes in and around Philadelphia, and we are honored to have her on our team.

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