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The Best Bamboo Cheese Boards You Can Buy in 2022

Looking for a new cheese board for your home kitchen or gift giving? Go for a bamboo cheese board! These are the best bamboo cheese and charcuterie servers you can buy in 2022, plus why we love this beautiful, durable, and sustainable material for all kinds of cheese servingware.

The Benefits of Bamboo Cheese Boards

small bamboo cheese board with orange slices, three cheeses, nuts, crackers, and herbs on a picnic table. a hand with red nail polish is cutting into one of the cheeses

We love bamboo cheese boards because they offer the warm look of wood plus sturdy construction and better durability against warping, cracking, and breakage. They’re lighter than wood and tend to be easier to clean and maintain. Best of all, bamboo—which is actually a grass—is a more sustainable material than wood because it grows so quickly.

How to Shop for a Bamboo Cheese Server

overhead view of small bamboo cheese board with cheese, crackers, charcuterie, fruit, and herbs on table

If you want to buy a bamboo cheese board, you’ll want to consider a few different factors as you shop, including size, finish, and affordability.

If you have a small household or like to serve individual cheeses on their own boards when entertaining, a smaller board is ideal. Conversely, if you love the look of a big, beautifully styled cheese board on your table, a larger board makes more sense.

We recommend purchasing unfinished cheese boards. Why? Because if the surface of a finished cheese board gets scratched, you can’t fix it—but it’s easy to buff out a nick or stain in an unfinished bamboo cheese server with fine-grain sandpaper. You can also oil an unfinished board to create a water-resistant surface, restore its original luster, and help the board last longer.

When it comes to cost, bamboo boards are typically much more affordable than solid wood cheese boards. Look for formaldehyde-free boards with multi-ply construction, a smooth finish, and good care instructions to get the best value.

The Best Bamboo Cheese Boards

square bamboo cheese board with cheese, chocolate, charcuterie, nuts, crackers, herbs on marble surface

These boards offer tougher-than-wood durability in warm, lightweight, and eco-friendly bamboo. All of our boards are made from three-ply, unfinished bamboo that’s three times stronger than solid oak.

Classico Bamboo Cheese Server

overhead view of rectangular bamboo cheese board with small white cheese on white background

We use bamboo for the Cheese Grotto’s shelving because it’s strong, sustainable, easy to clean, and virtually unbreakable. Those same qualities make our Classico Bamboo Cheese Server—which doubles as a removable shelf in the Grotto Classico—such a versatile board for everyday snacking or a festive event.

This bamboo cheese server’s concave edges make it easy to grip, while its compact, lightweight construction makes it easy to clean and carry. This board won’t warp, break, or crack the way wooden cheese boards can with improper handling.

Square Bamboo Cheese Board

square bambo cheese board on marble surface. the board has "Cheese Grotto 5 Years" printed in the center

Looking for the perfect cheese board gift? Check out our Square Bamboo Cheese Board, which is the perfect size to build a delicious spread for one or two. It’s made of the same tough, triple-layer bamboo as our other boards, but its thin profile means it's light and easy to bring along to a picnic or potluck.

Even better, this charming bamboo cheese server fits snugly inside our Build Your Own Box packages so that you can customize a bundle of delicious cheeses, accompaniments, and a long-lasting, beautiful board for your intended recipient.

Large Bamboo Cheese Board

long, rectangular bamboo cheese server with carved handles on white background with glass vase of light pink flowers

Ready to throw a party? The Bamboo Adagio Cheese Server holds a whopping 10 pounds of cheese—enough to feed up to 20 guests. Its convenient handles make the board easier to carry when it’s full of goodies.

Choose between the grooved side, which offers a visual highlight for your cheese display, or use the smooth side to style this elegant board with cheeses and accompaniments all the way to the edge. Like our other bamboo cheese boards, the Adagio is stronger than solid wood and resistant to cracking and warping.

Do you have a favorite bamboo cheese server in your kitchen? Tag us @cheesegrotto on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and let us know!

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