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Order by March 9th to receive the March 2023 Quarterly Subscription

Zoom meet the cheesemaker subscription
Zoom Meet the Makers Quarterly Cheese Subscription
Zoom Meet the Makers Quarterly Cheese Subscription
Zoom Meet the Makers Quarterly Cheese Subscription
Zoom Quarterly Cheese Subscription
Zoom Quarterly Cheese Club
Zoom Best cheese subscription
Zoom Quarterly cheese subscription with Uplands Cheese
Zoom Quarterly Cheese Club
Zoom Meet the Makers Quarterly Cheese Subscription

Meet the Makers Quarterly Cheese Subscription

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Take a deep dive into American artisan cheesemakers four times a year with this unique and immersive subscription for the cheese connoisseur. The beauty of this quarterly subscription?  You get to meet the maker on Zoom!

Order by Thursday, July 6th to receive the July 2023 Quarterly Subscription box.

Meet the Makers Quarterly Cheese Subscription


Full Description

We've curated a quarterly cheese subscription, so you can continue to be delighted year-round with unique, and interesting American artisan cheeses. Each quarter, we will highlight a different American cheesemaker, complete with digital literature on tasting, serving, pairing and storing your cheeses. You will also receive a Zoom link along with each shipment inviting you to meet the Cheesemaker. Our mission is to educate as well as provide a selection of delicious cheeses that are perfectly stored in your Grotto for weeks and months so you will always have just the right selection to share and enjoy with good company.

The quarterly cheese selection fits best in a Grotto Classico or Grotto Fresco.

Cheese Styles Included

• Bloomy Rind, Washed Rind, Natural Rind, Waxed Rind, Blue, Smoked, Herbed, Spiced, Cow Cheese, Sheep Cheese, Goat Cheese

• The subscription includes two to four cheeses (approximately 2 pounds total) per shipment. The cheeses shipped are selected at optimal ripeness best enjoyed within 2 to 3 weeks of delivery.

• One healthy serving of cheese is anywhere from 2 to 4 ounces, depending on your appetite. This package is great for 8 to 16 servings over weeks of enjoyment.

• With each quarterly shipment, you will receive digital literature with information on the cheeses, as well as an email invite to a live Zoom session with the Cheesemaker.

July's Cheese Box


World Cheese Award Winner

Meadow Creek Dairy's signature cheese, Appalachian is a true expression of the cheesemaker's terroir.  Appalachian is a lush, vibrant cheese evocative of cream and butter with a mushroom earthiness that recalls the intensity of the cellars.


Their newest experiment

This cheese is a semi-soft washed curd style inspired by Gouda recipes, but with a natural rind. It is their newest experiment!


With its renowned reddish-orange rind and golden paste, Grayson is the classic example of a washed rind cheese. The texture is supple and fudgy, becoming silky as it warms; the rich, beefy paste is slightly sweet, with grassy, nutty notes and a solid earthy undertone.


Mountaineer is a dense, complex cheese aged in the European style that reflects their own mountainous terroir. Aged in their cellars a minimum of six months, Mountaineer has a smooth supple texture that dissolves on the tongue. The complex flavor starts off buttery before deepening to a roasted nuttiness, mellowing into a rich, beefy finish with a touch of caramel.

Order By Thursday, July 6th, 2023

Live Zoom session date and time TBD

Your July cheese kit will ship July 10th, and we'll email you an invitation to Meet the Cheesemaker live on Zoom. A recording will be emailed for those who cannot attend.

Meet the Cheesemaker

Photo courtesy of Meadow Creek Dairy of Ana Arguello, Kat Feete, and Helen Feete (from left to right)

Located in Virginia’s Galax mountains, Meadow Creek Dairy was originally founded in 1988 as a dairy farm by husband-and-wife team Rick and Helen Feete.

After a few years of selling their high quality, sustainably produced milk, they realized the commercial market would never be able to reward them for the cost of producing it, so in 1998 Helen started making cheeses inspired by the Alps region.  The terroir of Galax and the Appalachians has striking similarities to the Alps, making it a wonderful place to produce comparable specialty cheeses while maintaining the biodiversity of the grassland through rotational grazing.

Today, Helen and Ana Arguello are the main cheesemakers, while the Feete’s daughter, Kat, operates the business.

Meadow Creek Dairy has established itself as one of the most recognized and respected cheesemakers in the country with their herd of 120 cows. Their Galax cheese is their newest experiment of a washed curd, natural rind style with notes of lemon, butter, meat, and toasty walnuts.

Meet them on Zoom, date TBD. Zoom invitation will be emailed post-purchase of the cheese kit, and a recording will be emailed if you cannot attend!

How the Subscription Works

• Once signed up, you can easily manage your subscription frequency and contents via our amazing portal. You can also always email us at if you need help and we'll respond within 3 business days.

• This is a Recurring Subscription that will continue unless otherwise canceled.

• Your card will be charged the Thursday before the order is shipped.

• Option to pause, skip, or cancel any time.


• Your recurring shipping charge per order is based on your zip code location.

• Our Meet the Maker Subscription ships on a fixed yearly schedule.  This allows everyone to meet the cheesemaker at the same time on Zoom while enjoying their cheeses!

1. July 10th, 2023

2. November 13th, 2023

3. December 11th, 2023

4. March 11th, 2024

• Please visit our shipping policy page for additional questions.


Please fill in your allergies so we can be sure to sub a cheese if needed.

Downloadable Gift Card

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We got you! Download this gift card and share with the lucky gift recipient! The size of the card is 5.5 inches by 4.5 inches so it can be formatted on a full-sized printer paper, or can be formatted to print double-sided!

What is Artisan Cheese?

Artisan Cheese - According to the American Cheese Society, "artisan or artisanal implies that a cheese is produced primarily by hand, in small batches, with particular attention paid to the tradition of the cheesemaker’s art, and thus using as little mechanization as possible in the production of the cheese."

Over the past decade, the American Artisan cheese industry has been recognized internationally for its quality and integrity. Small to medium-scale artisan cheesemakers have a core set of values - high-quality milk makes incredible cheese, and high quality land and animal management makes for incredible milk. In our current industrial agriculture system, committing to these core values requires long hours of hard work and an acute attention to detail.

This subscription directly supports American Artisan Cheesemakers, and the continual diversification of our food system.

The Cheese Grotto is fantastic - it keeps my blocks of cheese fresher for longer periods of time, unwrapped in all their glory.

CK, Cheese Grotto Classico Owner

It really does extend the life of cheese over time. Aside from the functionality, the Cheese Grotto looks great and is easy to maintain.

Allan, Cheese Grotto Fresco Owner

The Cheese Grotto is a must have for anyone who loves cheese. Looks stunning and keeps all of your cheeses in perfect condition.

Michael, Cheese Grotto Mezzo Owner


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