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What's Your Cheese Personality?


best cheese storage

Do you enjoy indulging in a wedge of brie or cheddar on the weekends or do you love to entertain with specialty cheese from your local cheese shop throughout the week? We have a Cheese Grotto model that fits with your lifestyle. 


Jump to Your Perfect Cheese Lifestyle  


You're a Piatto

Specialty cheese is one way you love to have fun. You might pick up a new release microbrew from your local brewery and pair it with a stellar cheese, jam, fruit, and a freshly baked loaf of bread to make an event out of it.

You love enjoying fine cheese as part of a well-rounded breakfast, a quick late night fix, or for an evening with your closest friends and family. You cherish your specialty cheese, and are selective with who gets to indulge with you. 

Despite your big dreams of entertaining, you're strapped for space. You're seeking a cute, compact storage and serving board solution that can be tucked away when not in use.


best cheese storage 

You're a Mezzo

You love cooking at home and inviting friends over. You consider yourself a cheese fanatic, and agree that cheese is a well-rounded part of a weekly diet.  You are absolutely giddy when you discover a new European or American artisan cheese, as you're always seeking new cheese experiences.

Serving cheese at the optimal temperature and humidity is a consistent and important part of that experience.  Sometimes, you buy four different types of cheese at a time to keep life interesting. You need a way to keep them fresher for longer periods in the fridge, or for shorter periods before serving at room temperature.


 best way to store cheese


You're a Fresco

You consider your commitment to the culinary world as essential, and often poetically reflect about the moments you've shared around a dinner table during your worldly travels, or the cheesemaker you were blessed to meet in person that inspires you to this very day.  Storytelling is large component of your dinner parties, and you understand the importance of supporting regional specialty cheesemakers and make an effort to do so.
  You stock up on cheese once every few weeks because that's what makes the most sense with your busy schedule. One wonderful visit to the cheese counter and you'll have cheeses to share over the weeks to come with friends and family.
You are looking for a way to keep large amounts of specialty cheese varieties fresh in the fridge for weeks, even months, with minimal effort. You love the idea of being able to temper cheese on the kitchen counter in a beautiful piece that sparks a conversation at dinner.  


 how to store cheese

You're a Classico

In your opinion, an artisan cheesemaker is both parts artist and scientist.  The cheesemaker works directly with the environment, the land, the dairy animals, the cheesemaking room, and the cave to create something absolutely unique and spectacular.  For years, you've enjoyed cellared wines where the vintage mattered, and you're ecstatic to be able to store your cheese in a piece that has the option to both preserve and ripen cut and whole wedges of cheese.

Design, quality, and craftsmanship speak to you, and you appreciate the finer things in life.  Each year, your family food gatherings are more tremendous than the year before, and you might just order that whole wheel of mini Stilton from your local cheese shop to pair with that Port you purchased during your last trip to Portugal.


best ways to store cheese

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