Our Holiday Crowdfunding Campaign



November 2nd marked the One Year Anniversary of Cheese Grotto.  I am so excited by what we have been able to accomplish this year.  From the hundreds of people who have purchased our original model, the Grotto Classico, to the thousands of cheese enthusiasts who have joined our growing community, it has been a great year.

On that note, I present you with our live holiday crowdfunding campaign.  I have worked long and hard for many months to provide you with a unique variety of limited edition, handmade campaign offerings at varying prices, all to be delivered before December 22nd, 2017. 

Our offerings include:
-French Cheese Making Video Tutorials ($25)
-American Artisan Cheese Collector Cards ($50)
-Mind the Rind Cheese Prints, Mounted on Styrene ($75)
-Our gorgeous new sustainable Adiago Cheese Server ($200)
-Our new metropolitan sized Cheese Grotto Fresco model, customized with your initials ($250)
-Our original Cheese Grotto Classico, with a free Hygrometer-Thermometer ($350)
-And more!

I was inspired to launch this campaign in order to push my specialty cheese mission further, and to fund my newest model, Cheese Grotto Fresco.  When this campaign is funded successfully, I promise to make the Cheese Grotto more available to cheese lovers and aspiring cheese aficionados all over the world.  

Please pledge to this campaign, and I will reward you with something very beautiful and thoughtful in return, just in time for the holidays.

Forever yours,
Jessica Sennett
Cheese Grotto

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