[VIDEO] Cheese Grotto's commitment to innovation with Agropur

After an international call for entries, Cheese Grotto has been chosen by Agropur, Canada’s most important dairy cooperative, to join the first cohort in North America’s first dairy industry accelerator program, Inno Accel.

“As a local and sustainable company driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders, Cheese Grotto has the potential to help spark major changes in our industry,” says Simon Olivier, Agropur Senior Vice-President, Strategy & Innovation. “The entire Agropur team was impressed by Cheese Grotto’s innovative spirit.”


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    Jessica Sennett is the founder and inventor of Cheese Grotto. Her whole life is cheese - seriously.


    • Jessica, I hope everyone gets a chance to purchase one of your Cheese Grotto, whether it be the large or the small unit they will experience the best way storing and serving their cheeses. Best always, Joseph Durante

      Joseph Durante
    • Jessica, Your video is just fantastic. I always enjoy watching them. Best always Joe Durante

      Joseph Durante

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