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Cheese Tasting + Buying Guides

Can You Eat Cheese Rinds?

It’s one of the most frequent questions we get when we teach cheese tastings: How do you know when to eat the rind of a cheese? After all, some cheeses, like...

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How to Taste Cheese Like a Pro

If you’ve ever been to a wine tasting, you’ve seen people swirling their drinks around, holding their glasses up to the light, and sticking their noses in to get a...

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Why Is There Ash in My Cheese?

  If you’re a fan of artisan cheese, you’ve probably encountered a cheese made with ash. Maybe you thought the racing stripe running down the center of a wedge of...

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Sustainability at the Cheese Counter

There are many ways to bring more environmentally sustainable habits into your kitchen, like meal planning to reduce food waste, investing in reusable storage options, and buying from producers in...

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A Gin & Cheese Pairing Guide

Cheese and wine are a traditional combination, but cocktails are the unsung hero of cheese pairing. With its botanical notes and refreshing crispness, gin drinks are natural to pair with cheese....

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