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Baking with Cheese Recipes

Winnimere Mac & Cheese

Winnimere is one sexy washed rind cheese from Jasper Hill Cellars in Vermont. It is wrapped in spruce bark, taking after alpine cheeses such as Vacherin Mont D’Or.  Now is the...

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Recipe: Dill Cheddar Scones

During the frosty winter season, it is important to have your breakfast snacks in a row. You should be able to roll out of bed, turn on the oven, and...

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Recipe: Simple Holiday Cheese Tarts

With holiday gatherings around the corner, it is important to have delicious, seasonal finger food, with cheese included.  We’ve included two recipes that will be sure to satiate your guests....

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Sweet Potato and Bread Stuffing Recipe

A unique take on a traditional Thanksgiving bread stuffing, this recipe features sweet potato, mushrooms, bacon, sage, and blue cheese.  Cooking with blue cheese has never been this tasty.

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Cheddar Crusted Apple Pie

This is a classic combination of cheese and pie.  The recipe is adapted from both the Gourmet Cookbook and Martha Stewart.  Cheddar and apples will forever be bound together as...

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Recipe: Ossau Iraty Walnut Mini Biscuits

This biscuit recipe features Ossau Iraty sheep milk cheese and walnuts.  The biscuits are simultaneously delicate and rich, and the walnuts bring out the nuttiness of the sheep milk cheese. ...

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Fluffy Fontina Cheese Soufflé Recipe

This cheese souffle recipe is a breakfast classic, and is very simple to make. We used Fontina cheese, but you can also substitute fontina for semi-soft, meltable cheeses like cheddar,...

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Mimolette Soft Chewy Caramels

Many people I know have fixated on the visually and texturally compelling Mimolette cheese. Its exterior is crater-like, its interior is a bright annato seed-dyed orange. When this cheese sits...

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