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My other product invention: Gruyère Cheese Caramel

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Authentic Gruyère A.O.P. from Switzerland. Heavy Cream. Milk. Caramelizing Sugar. Sea Salt. This caramel is infused with Gruyère, resulting in a balanced, full-flavored caramel with savory, umami, bottom-of-the-fondue-pot flavor.  It is an excellent addition to a traditional cheese board.  Sub the caramel for classic Quince paste, and pair it with apples, nuts, coffee, wine, whisky, and beer. Melt it down with a little cream to drizzle over pie or ice cream.  The flavor profile is complex and satiating, and it demands to be plated in your holiday spread, or given as a small gift to a cheese lover in your life. 

using caramels as a cheese pairing

The cheese caramel recipe was inspired by cheese, of course.  That classic, caramel flavor one can taste in hard, crystalline Gouda or Alpine styles is captured in the caramel.  Dairy is classically incorporated into caramel, and cheese is an addition that is one step further in flavor and complexity.

pairing cheese and caramel

Order your box for the holidays, and learn more about my other product invention, Call Me Caramel, here!

Photography by Sarah Crowder and Jess Hitt.

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