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How to Choose, Clean, and Maintain Your Bamboo Cheese Board

  1. The Benefits of Bamboo Cheese Boards
  2. Bamboo Cheese Board Buying Tips
  3. The Best Bamboo Cheese Boards
  4. Bamboo Cheese Board Care and Cleaning
  5. How to Oil a Bamboo Cheese Board

When it comes to cheese boards that look great, last a lifetime, and won’t break the bank, we love beautiful, sustainable, and sturdy bamboo. Here’s everything you need to know about why bamboo cheese servers are the best. We also recommend a few of our favorites, with info on how to buy, clean, and maintain bamboo cheese boards.

Is Bamboo a Good Cheese Board Material?

overhead view of rectangular bamboo cheese board with hadles lade with fruit, cheese, and nuts with flowers and cut orange next to it

It’s no secret that we at Cheese Grotto love bamboo as a material for storing and serving cheese. Our Grotto shelves are made from sturdy triple-layer bamboo, and the Fresco, Mezzo, and Piatto are fully built out of this wonder material.

Bamboo is great for cheese boards because it’s lighter, more affordable, and more sustainable than traditional wood while offering a similar warm, natural look. (Though it looks like wood, bamboo is actually a grass!)

It’s also stronger than wood. In fact, our three-ply bamboo cheese servers are three times stronger than solid oak. Bamboo is only slightly porous, so it can absorb moisture while resisting warping or cracking better than wood too.

Unfinished bamboo is ideal for cheese boards and Grotto shelving because you can sand down any nicks or scratches with fine-grained sandpaper, then oil the board to create a water-resistant surface. Read more about why we prefer bamboo cheese boards over wood.

How to Shop for a Bamboo Cheese Board

bamboo cheese server with oranges, soft cheese, herbs, and hands on table

If you’re in the market for an affordable, attractive, and long-lasting cheese board, bamboo is your best bet. Look for unfinished boards with a formaldehyde-free, multi-ply construction to ensure they’re food safe and durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear.

You’ll also want to consider size when shopping for bamboo cheese boards. A big, beautiful board is great for parties and entertaining, while smaller, individual-sized boards might be more useful for everyday serving and can also highlight individual cheeses on a bountiful tablescape. Other factors you’ll want to keep in mind include shape—square, rectangular, or round—and features like handles and grooves to make handling and storing the board easier.

The Best Bamboo Cheese Boards

bamboo cheese board with fruit, cheese, crackers, and charcuterie

Cheese Grotto founder Jessica Sennett hit on bamboo as the perfect material to construct the Grotto’s removable shelves, which double as standalone cheese boards, but she didn’t stop there.

We sell several bamboo cheese servers created by our woodworker, Donovan, who builds each Grotto by hand. See our top three and learn more in our guide to the best bamboo cheese servers.

How to Clean and Care for Your Bamboo Cheese Board

light skinned hands washing small bamboo cheese board at sink with sponge

Once you’ve purchased a brand new bamboo cheese board—and after each use—you’ll want to wash it. Mild dish soap, a soft sponge or cloth, and the hottest water you can stand will get your board nice and clean. Let the board air dry thoroughly before storing to keep it in good condition. Read more about cleaning and caring for your bamboo cheese boards.

What Kind of Oil to Use on Your Bamboo Cheese Server

overhead view of bamboo cheese board with red ad orange sweet peppers and white cheese

It’s important to maintain your bamboo cheese server with an occasional application of oil. This will give the board a lustrous surface, help fill in any nicks or scratches, and create a durable, water-resistant surface that will protect your board and help it last longer.

You can oil your bamboo cheese boards with food-grade mineral oil, fractionated coconut oil, or a mix of oil and beeswax like board balm or butcher block conditioner. Learn more about how and why to oil your bamboo boards and the best type of oil to use.

With the proper care, cleaning, maintenance, and storage, your bamboo cheese server can give you a lifetime of beautiful and delicious cheese boards. Check out our selection of bamboo cheese boards and servingware in our online store.

What do you love about your bamboo cheese board? Tag us @cheesegrotto on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and let us know!

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