A Seductive Amaro & Cheese Pairing Guide

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Left to right: Cynar, Aperol, Strega, Montenegro, Cardamaro

Amaro is Amazing with Cheese

Our amaro and cheese pairing event with Chef Jenny Dorsey and Mixologist Matt Dorsey, allowed us to really dive into the amazing world of cheese and amaro pairings.  
Amaro is an Italian herbal liqueur that is often consumed as an after-dinner digestif. Its bitter-sweet, sometimes syrupy flavour pairs excellently with cheese. An added bonus is an alcohol content between 16% and 40% depending on the amaro, so you can get lusciously tipsy while you taste.
Below is our detailed, tested, and tried-and-true pairing recommendations.  Please replicate at home for your next dinner party. The pairings are listed in the order of enjoyment (from lighter-bodied to heavier-bodied).  

cheese and amaro pairing

Pairing 1: Aperol + Amanteigado

What is so fabulous about this pairing is that the raw sheep milk thistle rennet from Portugal has a natural fruity, artichoke flavor imparted by the thistle, and buttery base from the fatty sheep milk cheese.  These characteristics pair beautifully with an aperol straight or aperol spritz (2 oz prosecco to 1.25 oz aperol, and splash of soda water).  Aperol is made from the herbaceous gentian root, rhubarb, and cinchona tree bark.

how to pair italian liqueur with cheese

Pairing 2: Suze (or Strega) + Chevre d'Argental

Suze is a french liqueur made from the gentian root, and Strega is an Italian liqueur made of a combination of 70 herbs (including juniper, mint and fennel). Suze tastes very vegetal with pomelo citrus notes and gets its yellow hue from the gentian root, while the Strega is more coniferous and herbaceous and gets its yellow hue from saffron.   

The Chevre d'Argental is a uniquely milky, lactic, mushroom-like, and vegetal (asparagus) goat milk bloomy rind that leans more on the earthy than mineral side of the goat cheese flavor spectrum. This flavor profile makes this cheese very compatible with either type of liqueur.

how to pair cynar with cheese

Pairing 3: CynarEwephoria

Cynar is made of 13 herbs and plants, predominantly artichoke.  Nevertheless it does not have an artichoke flavor and leads with a light caramel and herbaceous flavor, finishing with bitter espresso. This is why it is a great match for the dense, crystalline Ewephoria sheep milk gouda, which has often been described as tasting like candy and caramelized walnuts.

how to pair amaro and cheese

Pairing 4: Amaro MontenegroOma

Amaro Montenegro is a secret blend of 40 herbs and plants, including vanilla, orange peels, and eucalyptus. Flavors of rose petals, dried orange peel, and cherry come through. Oma, a washed rind cow milk cheese from Jasper Hill Farm, is meaty and funky, with a rind reminiscent of peanuts. The herbaceous, floral, bitter and sour fruit notes are able to enhance vegetal and fruity characteristics in the cheese, making this a fascinating match.

how to pair cardamaro and cheese

Pairing 5: CardamaroGruyere Cheese Caramel

Cardamaro has a base of moscato wine that is infused with herbs, cardoon, and Roman thistle. Flavors of ginger, artichoke, and a touch of sweetness come through on the palate. Cheese caramel (a caramel infused with gruyere cheese) pairs nicely with the natural sweet and vegetal qualities of this lighter-bodied amaro. 

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