Tulip Tree Creamery Trillium, Foxglove, and Nettle Cheese

Tulip Tree Creamery | Set of 3

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Since 2014, Indiana's Tulip Tree Creamery has received numerous awards from the American Cheese Society, Slow Food, and Good Food Awards for their European-inspired cheeses. All of their products are made by hand with close attention to detail and quality. Full on flavor and texture, these are unforgettable cheeses that should be added to your specialty cheese rotation.

From top to bottom:

  • Trillium, 8oz - Trillium is a triple cream, bloomy-rind cheese inspired by the French classics, Camembert & Brie.  It has a soft buttery texture with rich smooth flavors & gentle lactic tones.  

Milk: Pasteurized Cow Milk & Cream
Rennet: Microbial Rennet (Vegetarian)
Age: 2 to 9 weeks maximum

  • Foxglove, 8oz -  This double cream, washed rind (stinky)cheese has a soft consistency when young and breaks down to a runny/scoopable cheese as it ages.  It has an earthy, more pungent flavors created by a mixture of cultures (yeast, salt & beer) applied on the distinctive orange-colored rind.  If you enjoy Epoisses-style cheeses, this cheese may hit the spot.  

Milk: Pasteurized Cow Milk & Cream
Rennet: Microbial Rennet (Vegetarian)
Age: 8 weeks 

  • Nettle, 6oz - A 2016 American Cheese Society Winner, Nettle is a creamy, crumbly fresh cheese similar in style to a chèvre but made with pasteurized cows’ milk (called a bovre-style). The cheese is covered in fresh mint, sage, and nettle leaves, which makes for a savory, yet clean, bright, and lactic flavor profile. The perfect summer picnic cheese, pair with a Sauvignon Blanc or a Pale Ale and smear onto fresh bread with a dash of extra virgin olive oil or wildflower honey.

Milk: Pasteurized Cow Milk
Rennet: Microbial Rennet (Vegetarian)
Age: 2 weeks

The set of three fits well in both the Grotto Classico, Grotto Fresco, or Grotto Mezzo.

We'll include literature on the best way to store and serve each style.

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