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Seasonal grazers and mountain pastures have been a key component of Alpine cheesemaking for centuries. Set high in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, Meadow Creek Dairy has the same mix of high, rolling land and temperate climates. With a little time and a lot of management, our mountains have become a haven for sturdy, diverse perennial pastures.  Meadow Creek Dairy's cheeses are critically-acclaimed, winning Best in Show at the ACS as well as a Bronze Medal at the World Cheese Awards. 

From top to bottom:

  • Mountaineer, 8oz -  Aged in their cellars a minimum of six months, Mountaineer has a smooth supple texture that dissolves on the tongue, and an aroma of toasted bread with just a hint of citrus. Comparable to a high-quality Comté or Gruyère, the complex flavor starts off buttery before deepening to a roasted nuttiness, mellowing into a rich, beefy finish with a touch of caramel. 
Milk: Raw Cow's Milk
Rennet: Animal
Age: 6 Months 
  • Appalachian, 8oz - Meadow Creek Dairy's signature cheese, the Appalachian is a true expression of the cheesemaker's terroir. The make is simple and focused on affinage, allowing the Appalachian to form a white coat of penicillium molds that compliments its unique flavor. Appalachian is a lush, vibrant cheese evocative of cream and butter with a mushroom earthiness that recalls the intensity of the cellars. Its lemon notes shade to toasted as the cheese ages. The texture is velvety, melting on the tongue.

Milk: Raw Cow Milk
Rennet: Animal
Age: 90 Days

  • Mini Grayson, 12oz - A small format version of their bestselling Irish and Wales-inspired Grayson cheese, the Minis are washed for two months in their cellars with Hardywood’s Singel ale. These petit beauties have Grayson’s classic washed rind earthiness, complimented by the smooth, yeasty beer flavor, with subtle notes of cream and a rich fruity finish. The texture is spreadably silky and melting right up to the reddish-yellow rind. Each Mini is between two-thirds and three-quarters of a pound.

Milk: Raw Cow Milk
Rennet: Animal Rennet
Age: 4 to 8 weeks 

The set of three fits well in both the Grotto Classico, Grotto Fresco, or Grotto Mezzo.

We'll include literature on the best way to store and serve each style.

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