Marin French Cheese Co. | Golden Gate, Set of 2

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This washed-rind, triple crème cheese is named for the golden color of the cheese, as well as the Golden Gate Bridge, the iconic gateway to Marin County where the historic creamery is located. The unique cultures naturally present in California’s coastal air result in an artisan cheese with a true sense of place.

Marin French Cheese is the longest operating commercial cheesemaker in the United States, starting in 1865 during the Gold Rush in Marin County.  Situated on 700-acre Hicks Valley Ranch, the land is certified organic and dedicated to pasture, crop, and preserving the natural landscape.  Since the Great Depression, Marin French Cheese has sourced milk for their cheeses within a 15-mile radius of where they produce, and has carefully blended Jersey, Holstein, Guernsey cow milk for the best expression of their Camembert. 

  • Golden Gate, Two 8oz wheels - Multiple rounds of handwashing in brine score the cheese to help develop the cultures and build an edible rind that preserves the cheese’s creamy texture and balances its earthy, rich flavor with just the right amount of salt. The striking orange rind occurs naturally without the use of added colorant.

Milk: Pasteurized Cow Milk & Cream
Rennet: Microbial Rennet (Vegetarian)
Age: 4 to 14 weeks maximum

This cheese fits well in any Grotto model.

We'll include digital literature on the best way to store and serve Petite Camembert.

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Marin French Cheese Co.


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Orders ship every Monday via Express Shipping