Green Dirt Farm | Set of 3

Green Dirt Farm | Set of 3

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Based out of Weston, Missouri, Green Dirt Farm makes exceptional, award-winning, Animal Welfare Approved® sheep & cow milk cheeses. Since 2002, they've given rigorous attention to the grazing of their sheep flock in order to build healthy soil and nutritious pasture grasses.  This sustainable and humane approach to farming dairy animals results in amazing milk quality (both in flavor & nutritional value) for cheese making.  A true, holistic experience of American artisan cheese.

From top to bottom:

  • Dirt Lover, 6oz - Dirt lover is a bloomy rind cheese with a light coating of vegetable ash. The dark line from the ash makes Dirt Lover a striking addition to a cheese plate. Dirt lover tastes buttery, lemony, and mushroomy, and becomes earthy and beefy with age. It has won awards at the American Cheese Society Conference in 2017, 2018, and 2019.
Milk: 100% Pasteurized Sheep Milk
Rennet: Microbial Rennet (Vegetarian)
Age: 3 to 4 weeks 
  • Ruby, 10oz - This bloomy & washed rind style has a beautiful orange hue underneath its light, white bloomy coat.  Reminiscent of a classico Robiola-style cheese, it is fudgy in texture, and has a mild buttery, floral flavor that gets fruitier with age.

Milk: Pasteurized Sheep & Cow Milk
Rennet: Microbial Rennet (Vegetarian)
Age: 2 to 6 weeks maximum

  • Prairie Tomme, 16 oz (1 pound) -  A pure sheep milk, mountain-style rustic tomme with a beautiful natural rind and earthy flavor. Nutty, caramel-like flavors abound in the paste, while the rind has a natural aroma of clay, minerals, and grass. 

Milk: 100% Pasteurized Sheep Milk
Rennet: Microbial Rennet (Vegetarian)
Age: 4 months

The set of three fits well in both the Grotto Classico, Grotto Fresco, or Grotto Mezzo.

We'll include literature on the best way to store and serve each style.

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