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From hygrometers to handmade cheese knives, our Grotto Accessories are everything you need for storing and serving cheese.

 Cheese Hardware and Accessories for Storage and Serving 


No kitchen is complete without the right accessories for storing and serving cheese. Our cheese accessory collection helps complete your cheese repertoire.  From our black resin or bamboo cheese boards (that double as shelving for a Grotto), to our circular slate or colossal double-handed cheese server, we have options for how to plate and style your cheese course. We regard our cheese knife set as an essential addition to any cheese boarduse it as a spreader for soft cheese, or a spade knife for harder cheeses. Fine tune the humidity of your Cheese Grotto storage boxes with one of our hygrometers, or invest in additional humidifying clay bricks to store more cheese properly. Get the most out of your cheese experience.

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