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Interview: [Video] Why does Steven Jenkins love the Grotto? He explains...


Steven Jenkins has many fond nicknames in my book: cheese whisperer, cheese pioneer, and cheese guru, to name a few.  His avid enthusiasm for the Grotto is something I want to capture and share with you. You can watch the video to learn more about Steve, who is the first cheese-monger to pioneer both European and American artisan cheeses in the States.  His work has greatly impacted the American specialty cheese landscape, and his true passion and spirit for the craft is apparent.  His thoughts on the Grotto are also very useful for the at-home cheese lover.

Though Cheese Grotto’s Jessica Sennett is an expert at bringing out cheese’s best flavors, she is not an expert in food safety and she does not offer any opinion about food safety.  New York Department of Health regulations requires restaurants to store cheese at a temperature below 45 degrees F, except for up to two hours during preparation for food service.  Nothing in Cheese Grotto’s materials, including statements regarding the shelf life of cheese, is intended to (and the materials should not be interpreted to) conflict with food safety regulations and recommendations. 

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