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Raclette Dinner Recipe with Roasted Potatoes, Carrots & Apples

Craving holiday cheese recipes this winter? Check out our post on How to Serve Raclette Cheese for the Holidays! We even sell a raclette-style American artisan cheese in our online store

As the air cools, it’s time to turn on the oven and roast vegetables once again. Fall and winter are the seasons of hot, melty cheese and caramelized root vegetables and apples.

This simple recipe uses a small raclette maker, like this one—we put it right on the burner of our electric stove. If you don’t have a raclette maker, you can use a nonstick skillet over a medium-low burner to melt the cheese on your gas or electric stove.

History of Raclette Cheese

Swiss-German convents in the year 1291 are the first texts to mention Raclette cheese.  During the spring, summer, and fall months, cow herders would carry the cheese with them while moving the herds from pasture to pasture.  In the evening for dinner, they would melt the cut face of the cheese wheel over the campfire and scrape it onto bread. 

In Switzerland, Raclette is traditionally served with white wine (Savoy, Pinot Gris, and Riesling) - the acidity of the wine is said to aid in digestion of the rich, fatty cheese. It is often accompanied by roasted potatoes, pickled onions and gherkins, and jambon cru.  


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