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Recipe: Moroccan Amlou Spread and Cheddar Toast

moroccan Amlou Recipe

One of the more traditional applications for culinary argan oil is a delicious roasted almond, honey, and argan oil spread.  It is similar to almond butter in the texture, but it does have a signature argan oil flavor that makes it a beautiful paste for pairing with cheese.  You can get the full recipe via Spruce here, and then follow my lead to make a simple snack of Amlou and Cheese Toast.  I featured 1 year old cheddar in this recipe for its melt-ability, but I also recommend a young to aged pecorino, as well as fresh goat cheese. On a cheese board, you can sub the amlou for quince paste or fig jam as a tasty, nutty spread to pair with cheeses. 

Cheddar and amlou Toast


1. Turn the oven broiler on high.

2. Broil one slice of sourdough bread until it is crispy, but not browned.

3. Spread 2 T Amlou onto toast

4. Shave 2 oz of cheese of choice and lay ontop of bread

5. Return to broiler, and let broil until cheese is fully melted.

6. Enjoy with coffee or a red ale.

Broiled Cheese Toast

Moroccan Amlou & Cheddar Toast

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