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The Best Way to Label a Slate Cheese Board Is Soapstone Chalk

No cheese board is complete until each wedge is labeled so your guests know what they’re about to enjoy. One of our favorite things about slate is that you can write on it with beautiful soapstone chalk. Here’s everything to know about using this natural material to label your next luscious cheese board.

What Is Soapstone Chalk Made Of?

round slate serving board with cheese, flowers, and hand labeling it with soapstone chalk

Soapstone is a mineral just like slate. Also called steatite, this metamorphic rock is mostly made up of talc, the soft, powdery mineral used in everything from eyeshadow to ceramics. It’s available in shades of gray, blue, green, and white.

Soapstone is relatively soft, with a beautiful, smooth surface when polished. Humans have used it as a carving material for millennia. Today, it’s commonly used in manufacturing and as a material for household items like countertops, tiles, and even chillable whiskey stones.

How Is Soapstone Chalk Different From Classroom Chalk?

circular slate serving board with cheese, hand, and bamboo knife

Because it’s so soft, we can use light-colored soapstone to write on surfaces like slate and paper. But unlike classroom or sidewalk chalk, soapstone is dust-free, making it ideal for use on black serving plates, place cards, and table signage at parties and events. Soapstone chalk also lasts longer than regular chalk, extending the life of each piece.

We also prefer soapstone chalk over regular chalk when labeling slate serving boards because of its beautiful natural look. We include a piece of soapstone chalk with our Circular Serving Slate Set, our Sustainable Black Cheese Board and Knife Set, and each of our black Cheese Grotto shelves so you can label your cheese boards with elegance and ease.

How to Label a Slate Serving Board Using Soapstone Chalk

circular slate serving board with cheese, bamboo knife, and soapstone chalk

There are plenty of ways to label a cheese board, but one of our favorite things about slate serving platters and black cheese boards is that you can write directly on the board with soapstone chalk. It’s an easy, compact, and waste-free way to label—no paper tags or flags to throw away and no sign holders to store.

Soapstone chalk also offers hassle-free cleanup. When you’ve enjoyed your cheese, simply wash the board with hot water, mild dish soap, and a soft sponge or cloth. The soapstone will come right off, leaving your slate serving board clean and ready for your next delicious cheese session.

Have you tried using soapstone chalk on your slate cheese boards? Tag us @cheesegrotto on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and let us know!

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