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How to Use a Digital Hygrometer to Measure Cheese Humidity

Want to take your cheese hobby to the next level? Consider picking up a digital hygrometer to measure cheese humidity. This small, affordable tool is a must for aging or storing cheese so that it tastes its best and lasts longer.

What’s a Hygrometer?

digital hygrometer in wooden cheese storage box

First, let’s cover the basics. A hygrometer is a device that measures the relative humidity of a given space, whether that’s your refrigerator, the inside of your Cheese Grotto, or a commercial cheese cave. Wine lovers use them to monitor the humidity of wine fridges and cellars, while cigar aficionados use them to keep tabs on conditions in their humidors.

What’s the Best Hygrometer for Aging Cheese?

small white bloomy rind cheese on wooden shelf in wooden cheese storage box against gray background

There are two main types of hygrometers: analog and digital. An analog hygrometer displays information on a dial, while a digital hygrometer offers an instant digital readout of the relative humidity.

For aging or storing cheese at home, we recommend a digital hygrometer. They’re easy to read, with up-to-the-second information. Many of them also monitor temperature as well, which is very important when you’re creating the best conditions for cheese. You can also calibrate your digital hygrometer with the touch of a button to ensure it’s measuring humidity as accurately as possible.

How to Use a Digital Hygrometer

overhead shot of digital hygrometer and small white bloomy rind cheese on wooden board against white background

Digital hygrometers are easy and simple to use. When shopping for a digital hygrometer to measure cheese humidity, first make sure it’s small enough to fit in your cheese aging or storage space. If you don’t want to worry about plugging it into the wall, you’ll also want a model that’s battery powered.

We selected our Polished Gold Finish Digital Hygrometer Thermometer to fit perfectly in any of our Cheese Grotto models, from the spacious Classico to the petite Piatto. It has a clear, easy-to-read display and measures cheese humidity as well as temperature, with a toggle between Fahrenheit or Celsius. It runs on batteries, so there are no cords to plug in. Plus, its polished gold finish looks beautiful sitting among the wedges in your Grotto or wine fridge.

To use a digital hygrometer, install the batteries and place it in the cheese aging environment or storage space. Prop it upright between shelves or against a wall so you can see the display through the door of the Grotto. You can also choose to lay it flat on a shelf. Use the information about cheese humidity and temperature to tweak the conditions in the space.

If the humidity reading falls below 70%, for example, it’s time to give your Grotto’s reusable clay brick another soak. If the temperature goes above 70 degrees, it’s time to move your Grotto to the fridge (or make a point to consume aged cheeses within a day or two).

Do you use a hygrometer to measure humidity in your Cheese Grotto or home cheese cave? Tag us @cheesegrotto on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and let us know!

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