3 Best Ways to Store Cheese

Storing naturally-made cheese requires humidity, air flow, and temperature control in order to stay fresh both in texture and flavor. 

If one of these three essential components are being neglected, then you may find that your cheese will prematurely mold, dry out, or become suffocated and taste like ammonia.

Let us help you keep your cheese tasting fresh and walk you through the three best ways to store your cheese so you can enjoy it to its full potential.

1. Cheese Paper

Cheese paper is a multi-ply paper designed to allow your cheese to breathe while also preserving its moisture.

The wrap job here is very important in order for cheese paper to function properly. If the cheese paper is wrapped too loosely, the multi-ply system is ineffective causing the cheese to dry out from exposure to the harsh refrigerator air. 

Formaticum Cheese Paper does a nice job of explaining how to wrap cheese like a professional.

How to Wrap Cheese Well

2. Reusable, Compostable Food Wraps 

    • $18/pack of 3 sheets
    • One to two month use
    • Buy: Bee's Wrap.

Organic fabrics are coated with bees wax, jojoba oil, and tree resin.  The jojoba oil contains a natural and gentle anti-microbial property to keep food fresher. The bees wax helps cultivate an interior environment that retains moisture while allowing the cloth to breathe, and the tree resin fortifies the cloth so that you can re-use the cloth for months at a time.

Again, it is important here to wrap cheese entirely in order to get the best result.

Bee's Wrap

Photo credit by Bee's Wrap.

3. The Cheese Grotto Storage Pieces 

  • $125-$350/Cheese Grotto
  • One time purchase for a lifetime
  • Buy: Cheese Grotto

Our Cheese Grotto collection is a one-time investment that is designed specifically to keep all varieties of cheese fresh (keep storing your mozzarella and feta in brine, however - that's the way they like it).

Not only does the Cheese Grotto eliminate the need for purchasing wrappers, it also opens up the possibility to store your cheese in the refrigerator in the Grotto or on the counter to be enjoyed like the French do over a 7 to 10 day time period. 

The Cheese Grotto balances humidity, air flow, and breathability so that your cheese stays fresh for as long as possible.  In a recent study with the Agropur Dairy Lab, dairy scientists discovered that the Cheese Grotto does in fact extend the shelf-life of cheese past professional cheese paper when stored in the refrigerator:

"The use of the Cheese Grotto chamber seems to have improved the conservation of the products significantly. The flavor of the cheese was consistent (less ammonia profile).

The results of the sensory panel show the same trend as the results obtained by the proteolysis analysis."

- Agropur Dairy Lab

We designed the Cheese Grotto so that cheese lovers everywhere could have the opportunity for the best cheese storage experience possible.  The Grotto's humidifying block maintains the overall humidity of the unit, and the design of the natural materials and ventilation allows the cheese to breathe and stay fresh.

The best way to store cheese


Wherever you are in your cheese loving journey, there is a cheese storage solution for you made with love by cheese specialists and professionals.  Once you find yourself completely committed to natural and specialty cheese, the Cheese Grotto is here to store and serve your needs.


Do you have any tips or tricks for storing cheese? Any stories to share about your experience using your Cheese Grotto? Share in the comments below or tag us on social media @CheeseGrotto. 


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