Cheesemaking 101: How to Make Feta Cheese (with Cow's Milk)


Jessica Sennett is the founder and inventor of Cheese Grotto. Her whole life is cheese - seriously.


  • Hi Ibrahim! Sometimes the rennet can be finicky. Rennet needs to be diluted in cold, non-chlorinated water in order to maintain its potency when added to milk. You want to see that the curd pulls away from the sides and when you gently press the curd it bounces under your finger. If the curd is not fully formed before you start cutting it, then you will never get a full separation of curds and whey. Occasionally, you have to wait longer for the curd separation to happen before cutting due to rennet strength or the freshness or acidity of the milk.

    Jessica at Cheese Grotto
  • hi, thank u for the recipe, very helpful. when i stir the cut curds for 20 mintz, they dont separate from the whey, even though they separate the. 1st time i cut the curds, any idea why?


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