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Cheese Grotto Testimonials

I asked my first customers to provide feedback on their experiences with the cheese humidor after one month.  Personally, I have been obsessed with the details of the Grotto for multiple years, and I was eager to hear others experiences.  Below are some of the most avid testimonials.  


"I received my Cheese Grotto as a gift from my mother-in-law. I love my cheese grotto so, so much. I love everything about it—how beautifully its made, how nicely it keeps my cheeses, how perfectly it fits into the fridge, how easy it is to serve cheese since we no longer need to dig through lots of packages in a drawer, but can see exactly what we have and just slide the tray out to get to it. The brick with my initials gilded the lily—it makes me happy every time I take it out for a quick soak. This was one of the best (and most surprising) gifts I’ve ever received.  I hope your business thrives."
"I bought it for my cheese-loving, early adopter husband, and was at first not sure I would end up loving it at least as much as he does, but I do! The design is beautiful, it is extremely well made, and most importantly, it keeps cheeses in great condition far far longer than I imagined possible. I LOVE not having to unwrap and rewrap cheeses each time we take them out. I love not having to throw out cheese that’s gotten hard or moldy after only a brief time. I love being able to see all our cheeses at a glance. We are thrilled with the Cheese Grotto and very impressed with it so far!"
"The obvious benefit is having flavorful cheese available at room temperature at any time.  Frankly I could never remember to take the cheese out of the fridge sufficiently in advance of the time I wanted to eat it to allow it to warm up.  Perhaps the only downside is that I find I am eating more cheese since it is so easy to open up the Grotto and nip off a chunk while passing by.  As a result, the longest I have had a cheese In the Grotto is probably 5-6 days at the most."

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