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Cheese Grotto in Action: A Community Round Up


The Cheese Grotto storage line is designed to be versatile, from storing cheese to serving cheese to aging cheese at the perfect humidity in your own home. We love seeing all the creative ways our customers (like our DIY cheesemaking king, Fred) adapt the Grotto to their own everyday cheese needs. Here’s some inspiration for how to use the Grotto we’ve collected from satisfied customers since our launch in 2016.

From the spacious Classico to the petite Piatto to next-level gear like our digital hygrometer, we want to see our customers using Cheese Grotto hardware in action. Want to be featured in our next roundup? Tag us in social media posts about your Grotto, or email with a photo and quote about your Cheese Grotto experience.


Everyday Storage

In the Fridge

One of the most convenient elements of the Cheese Grotto is that it eliminates the need to wrap cheeses.

Old Brooklyn Cheese shop owner and cheese maker Michael Januska has been a pioneer of the Grotto since day one. He gifted a Cheese Grotto Mezzo to his mom, who stores her Cheese Grotto in the fridge.

"The Cheese Grotto is a must have for anyone loves cheese. Looks stunning and keeps all of your cheeses in perfect condition," says Michael.


On the Counter

For people who enjoy their cheese tempered and ready to eat throughout the week, this method of storage is for you. Your cheese will be ready to serve whenever needed. Our pro-tip is to keep your kitchen temperature around 70 degrees F or below so the cheese doesn't ripen too quickly.

"Jonathan and I cannot wait to entertain again. We of course miss our friends and family but we are also dying to serve in our Cheese Grotto," says Merrill, who owns the mid-sized Cheese Grotto Fresco.


In the Wine Cellar

For those of us looking to have tempered cheese and wine as part of a weekly regimen, we love seeing Cheese Grotto customers place their Grotto in a wine fridge. This environment is usually a bit warmer than a refrigerator but will still slow down the ripening of the cheese around 50 to 60° F. We also recommend enjoying your cut wedges of cheese within a couple of weeks if using this method. But if you are aging an entire firm wheel of cheese and want to hold onto it for a few months, it will ripen easily alongside your bottles of wine. 

"Just wanted to share a few photos & thank Jessica Sennett for her help online with all my questions. Not only is this a beautiful & well made item. It fits perfectly in the bottom of my wine fridge! 🧀🍷 Who could ask for anything more?," says Chris Droukis, a Cheese Grotto Classico customer.


Hobbyist Cheesemaking

Aging Cheese

We're always beyond excited when we discover customers who are using the Cheese Grotto to make and age cheese at home! If you're interested in learning more about how to make and age cheese, we'll be continuing our virtual cheesemaking sessions at home, starting with fresh cheeses and then graduating to aged styles. Stay tuned for more upcoming classes!

"I made these little crottins from Whippoorwill Farm CSA goat milk. They have the best geotrichum rinds that I’ve ever developed on a cheese and I’m pretty excited about them! They’re a little uneven after spending too long in their moulds, but they’re doing great. And the Cheese Grotto is providing a perfect climate for affinage," says Sariann of @rawmilkretreats on Instagram.


Enhancing Any Cheese Experience

Cheese Tastings

Our loyal customers Mahfam and Cristobal take you on a cheese and chocolate tasting of our seasonal cheese and chocolate package as well as a demo of our smallest model, the Cheese Grotto Piatto, in this charming Instagram video! For those curious about cheese and chocolate and the Grotto, I highly encourage you to watch the video below!



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