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A Brooklyn-based jam maker gives her cheese, jam, and booze pairing ideas.

Candice Ross, owner of Brin's Jam
Candice Ross, Founder of Brin's Jam, answers our questions about jam, cheese, and booze.

1. Why jam?  

I started making small-batch jams and marmalades in my tiny Brooklyn kitchen from the care packages of grapefruit, lemons, and rosemary that my family would send me from back home in Louisiana. I found great joy in being able to make jars of preserved fruit and share them with the new people I met.  I was able to introduce them to my life through this food that had its roots to home and it fueled me to continue to preserve as the years went on, no matter how busy I got.

2. Where do you see your company in five years?  

I want to reach further west for full distribution nationally & break into the Europe and Asian market. I also want to expand our exclusive & co-branding flavors with companies that I align with. Generally, yes I want  put high quality jam on as many shelves and homes as possible.

3. How do you source your fruit? 

I work with local farmer when I can & we make it a point to work with fellow small batch makers to do collaboration. 

4. How many flavors do you rotate through in a year?  

We keep a core 6 products and I like to do 1 limited edition per quarter. 

5. The previous name of your company was Stagg Jam. Who is Brin's and who was Stagg? 

STAGG is my grandfather's name, his simple quality life was the inspiration for this little company! BRINS is a cajun french word that means "little bit". 

Candice's List of Cheese, Jam, and Booze Pairings

Strawberry Lemongrass Jam
Mineral-y, ash-y goat cheeses (like Tome Adrienne or Bonne Bouche)
Goat gouda (like Brabander)
BOOZE: Bourbon
Lemon Saffron Marmalade
Fatty, nutty cheeses (like Pleasant Ridge Reserve, Idyll...any kind of aged, yummy-fatty cow's or sheep's cheese)
BOOZE: Gin (make a Fizz)
Chili Pepper Jam
Goat gouda (like Brabander)
BOOZE: Add it to a Bloody Mary Mix
Cherry Chai Jam
Fatty, nutty cheeses (like Abbaye de Belloc, Idyll, Pleasant Ridge Reserve)
BOOZE: Whiskey 
Brin's Jams and Harbison
How to Pair Cheese, Jam & Booze

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